Thursday, November 4, 2021

In a Corner


I bet you're as sick of looking at this tile as I am. It took us four hours yesterday to get to the corner but we got there. 

The weather was clear but COLD. The poor Mister was covered in water from the wet saw all day.

Pup spent those four hours pouting in her stroller. She kept getting under foot. If the sun is shining she wants to be out but we have things to do. 

Eventually we did get her out for a little walk and then we heated up some canned beans and threw them on a tortilla with some salad I had made in the morning. I'm over trying to cook in that mess. It's microwave or nothing from now on. Afterwards I got started on this year's Christmas cards. 

I picked this card because I thought the car would tempt The Mister into wanting to help. So far, no luck. I'm in it all by myself but that's okay. After fighting over tile all day being alone in my card room isn't so bad.


  1. Pup is so cute in her stroller. She just wants to be wherever her people are.
    Your tile is looking great and now you're past the window! Yay!
    Such cute cards. Maybe The Mister will change his mind when he's done with the tiling.

  2. I think you have the patience of a saint :-) I've had the workmen pounding and drilling for two days and I've had enough! Still, boiler fitted and hopefully just a tidy up for them today then its back to my gigantic destash.

  3. Cute cards and I hope the end of the tile is in sight!

  4. The cards are definitely cute as is Pup! Tile is looking good.

  5. You're almost there! You can do it!
    Those cards are cute, but not as cute a poor pouty pup!

  6. Happy to hear the weather cooperated so the tile could be cut. My fingers are crossed that it will hold until the tiling is completed.

  7. Keep your eye on the are getting near the end!!!

    The card is adorable.

  8. Oh, I can admire the escape into the craft room and look at those cards--beautiful!