Monday, November 29, 2021

A Good Sort

My whole life is so out of control right now that I needed to get a grip on something yesterday so I unstuffed all of the many project bags that I had stashed all over the house. I have a very bad habit of not putting anything away when I finish with it. I just pick up another of my many empty bags and start something new leaving the old bag to fend for itself. 

I couldn't believe how many circular needles I found. I thought I had a lot before. Now I have more. Someday when I am in the great beyond someone is going to wonder why I had so many.  My best guess is that bad habit of not putting old projects away is the cause. It's easier just to order more needles than to go looking for them. Shameful.

Then there was all the leftover yarn I had to find a home for. I can't even fit all my Palette in the Palette drawers anymore. Ditto for Yarn of the Andes.  My stash closet runneth over. 

And........Happy Hanukkah to all my blog friends that celebrate. Sadly, In this mess I can't even imagine where I've put the little menorah that I brought home from school with me when I retired. A Jewish co-worker and I used to do a whole unit on Hanukkah back in the day and I got used to lighting it so it came home with me. I've used it every year since. Not this year. 

I fear the same is going to happen with Christmas. We are not even close to the finish line on the big remodel so it's probably a lost cause too. I don't have an inch of house to spare. I spend all day tripping over stuff as it is. I won't even have room for last year's tree-or the paper products to build it with. I hope I won't be regretting using up my pandemic stash. Omicron...I'm looking at you. Play nice now. 


  1. I would love to have a stash closet like you do! I need one!!

  2. You need a tropical resort vacation and soon!
    The organizing of your stash supplies can make you happy, though. Keep up the good work!

  3. I doubt my Christmas tree will make it out of storage this year. I don’t have the desire to haul everything into the apartment. That may change, but I doubt it.

  4. I LOVE your yarn closet! I'm also trying hard to put everything away right away when I finish a project unless it's mittens or baby hats that I have a dedicated bag for all of those supplies. I just have to refill them with yarn when I run low.
    Omicron is scary sounding. We REALLY want to go to London in March/April when the baby is born and who knows what will be happening then.
    I wanted to decorate for Christmas this week but the contractor is here now, ripping out the bathroom and making a royal mess. We'll see. I think we'll put the tree downstairs this year.

  5. Organizing always puts me in a good mood! Love your yarn closet!