Friday, November 26, 2021

A Turkey of a Thanksgiving


I am sad to say that we didn't all stay well for Thanksgiving so Son and the Big Grands didn't make it for dinner at Daughter's. I had a lot of tears over it but we need to protect Daughter at all costs in the last few weeks before her due date. I did get to Zoom with the Baby Grand in Michigan yesterday morning. He's already a real pro in front of the camera. I see network news in his future. 

We took the long trek up to Daughter's and got there in time to see the Macy's Santa come to town. This is a non-negotiable for me. I haven't missed a year since I can remember. 

My two Sons and my SIL are the real cooks in the family but we managed without them even though it wasn't as much fun. 

SIL was busy out back smoking a bourbon brined turkey. It smelled so amazing that we opened the windows so we could enjoy it. 

The meal was a simple and fast gluten free affair.  We wanted to be back on the road and home before dark. The Mister and I don't see well enough to like driving at night anymore especially on our heavily wooded rural roads down here at the beach.

 SIL is an excellent baker. He made pumpkin pie and pumpkin cheesecake.  I brought mine home with me and ate it while listening to Alice's Restaurant.

When we left Daughter and SIL were having words about putting up their tree that night. She's been out buying ornaments and wanted to see her tree up in her new house. He was worn out from doing all the cooking and cleaning and wanted to watch football. 

Speaking of putting up trees, the Big Grands put theirs up. I hope they are thinking about what Santa's going to put under that tree. I could use that information.


  1. Sorry you could all be together, but everything sure looks nice and the food looks so yummy. I could go for round 2 right now! LOL

  2. Everyone is extra careful about sniffles, etc, and I am grateful for that! My bil has come down with Covid and rearranged his families' plans! (in NY) I'm glad we had a house full of well people!!!! Looks like you had a wonderful time!

  3. Our group kept shrinking too due to illness! We expected 15 but ended up with 10. It worked out fine, tho, and it was nice to fit around one table together! Your SiL's food looks delicious!
    Now to finish your kitchen and get ready for Christmas! Wow! Busy times!

  4. In these COVID times you've just got to make the most of what you've got and you are definitely doing that!

    I bought my first "big girl" tree for the house on Wednesday. Work has been crazy so I've been too beat to put it up, and now I'm off to Mom's for the weekend - I hope to put it up some time next week!

  5. Sorry you weren't able to see the big grands. 😔

    It was just Steve and me this year. :::sigh:::