Friday, November 12, 2021



Yesterday was supposed to be a day off from kitchen drudgery so we could bask in the glory of having all the tile grouted the day before. 

We even celebrated that night with a rare take out pizza dinner. I discovered our local pizza place does a brick oven marinara pizza without cheese. It made me happy.

Alas, the day off was not to be. In the cruel light of morning we could see some the tiles had been badly set. We spent yesterday chiseling them out and replacing them. 

That was no fun. I suppose the folly of my choosing white grout was the reason. When you've got white grout and wonky shadows it looks pretty bad. Now I know why most people use a darker gray grout. It's hides all that DIY wonkiness. 

While we were digging out tiles we thought we'd better get the new stove vent up so we could turn on the light that shines down on the tiles and check for any more wonkiness. We found one bad tile and some grout that needed a re-do. 
Tiling is hard. I hope tilers make a lot of money because they deserve it. 


  1. That is a BeAuTiFuL range hood! I love that style. And I think the grout looks great. We're always so hard on ourselves.

  2. Tiling is just another thing I will not do! LOL I don't do electrical wiring or plumbing either. I do enjoy pizza though that that pizza looks delicious! I hope today is a more restful one for you.

  3. Ok... now I'm rethinking tiling the upstairs bathroom and the kitchen...

    From what I can see though - your tile looks quite nice!

  4. Sound like you are redoing the redo...hope it is perfect now!

  5. Tiling is hard but I bet you will be the only ones who notice a bit of wonkiness! lol It is looking beautiful, though.