Monday, November 22, 2021

Another Finish


We did more of this yesterday. I should be able to paint that mess today.

I had gotten up early to finish Dog Star. I had to kitchener the underarms so I needed quiet. I'm pretty terrible at it but I got it done.  Now it's in the FO pile. 

Then I decided to go ahead and cast on the first of the itty bitty advent sweaters. I am not using the new Arne and Carlos yarn for it. It's too nice for an ornament. I'm using leftover Palette and I'll use that lovely Norwegian yarn for something better later on.


  1. Great job on the tape and spackle just. I don't enjoy taping drywall at all. Just saying. I've done it all and never again. :-)
    Dog Star is beautiful. You do such perfectly even stitches in your knitting. I could only wish to be as even a stitcher as you are.

  2. Dog Star is gorgeous and those little advent sweaters are going to be so cute.

  3. Dogstar is gorgeous.

    Just curious. How many sweaters have you made? It seems like THOUSANDS and each one prettier than the next!

  4. Dog Star is a beautiful sweater, and I adore the mini sweater, too.

  5. Dogstar looks fantastic!

    Your first picture reminds me that I have walls in the laundry room to mud... ugh. I'm so over drywall

  6. Yay for the finish on DogStar; the new little sweaters will be delightful!

  7. Love the red and white in the little sweater! I hate drywall...such a mess:(