Saturday, November 13, 2021

Looking Forward


Here's the last photo of the memory quilt. I gave it a wash and a dry and it seems to have survived. It actually fluffed up nicely considering a lot of it was material I would never use in a quilt. 

I folded up the remnants of that material and packed it back into the container it came in and added the crocheted afghans that my sister finished. I'll stuff the quilt onto the top and hand it over to Dad's lady friend's daughter as soon as I get in touch with her. 

Now that it's all behind me I can turn my attention to other things like a blankie for the soon to be expected Grand. 

I'm making another Disappearing Nine Square and now I've got a lot of big blocks to make. At least I'm looking forward with this project. Looking back with the memory quilt was a lot of wear and tear on the heart. 


  1. That memory quilt is gorgeous! I know it will be loved and appreciated. New grands are so exciting aren't they? I can't wait for our new little one. I'm crocheting a blanket now but not particularly enjoying the squares at all. I may just chuck it and make something else.

  2. You outdid yourself on the memory quilt--your Dad would've loved to see it! Have fun with this new quilt !

  3. Love the finished quilt! And how perfect that you've now moved onto the new generation! Have fun!

  4. You made it! So glad you finished it, nice to get something finished and on its way! :)