Monday, May 27, 2019

Memorial Day for Two

One thing I miss about my parents not being around anymore is the holidays. When my mother was alive it was a non-negotiable. You were at her house for every holiday big or small. She'd be serving crabs and hot dogs today along with her can't be duplicated potato salad.

With the kids all over the place making holiday traditions of their own, it's just me and The Mister taking a break from pounding wood. We aren't going to cook out. Instead I made a giant mess in the kitchen last night making some second rate potato and macaroni salad with a bit of deviled eggs on the side. I didn't get the watermelon I wanted. I had to settle for cantaloupe because I couldn't convince The Mister to pay $6 for one of those little seedless ones.

 I won't be to curling up and knitting alongside Mrs. Miniver in her little backyard bunker tonight like I usually do on Memorial Day though. 

Instead I'll be watching Episode 4 of this mini series on HBO which is one of the best things I have EVER seen.

I live just a few miles from this particular nuclear power plant so I've spent a lot of time researching nuclear energy since Episode One. So much that I probably would qualify for a degree. It's scary. Really scary.


  1. My dad worked in Harrisburg when the Three-Mile Island incident took place. I don't know whether it was psychosomatic illness or real illness, but A LOT of the people at his company became ill the next week (stress induced maybe?) ... I guess we'll never know.

    They are dismantling Three-Mile Island starting this year. The buildings and machinery may be gone, but they'll never be able to reclaim the polluted land.

  2. While I don't mind a big family gathering, I really like that Dave and I do many of the holidays, just the two of us.
    And I feel you on your potato salad... while I'm a decent enough cook, I'll never be as good as my Mom!

  3. When we lived near family in Nebraska it was also non-negotiable that we were at my MIL's house every single holiday. And we loved it. Now holidays are usually alone with just the two of us.
    We're at the lake and I've made deviled eggs and potato salad and will throw something on the grill.
    I hope you have a good day.

  4. Your food prep looks delicious! I know what you mean about not being able to duplicate your Mom's potato salad recipe. My Mom made an orange cake that I was never able to duplicate even when she was still living and able to give directions.

  5. Yup=just the two of us today, also. Two impaired people who are going to sit down to burger and fries in half an hour! lol

  6. We always went to my grandparent's and made hand cranked ice cream for the summer holidays. Boy, I miss those days! As for the power plant, we are close to North Anna, but I keep telling my husband we need to move closer. If it blows, I want to make sure I'm taken out in the blast. I don't want to wait around, even if the wait is only minutes, for the radiation to hit me.