Saturday, May 18, 2019


 I went over the bridge to Northern Virginia Thursday night to see the Little Grand in his first school recital. As a former first grade teacher and veteran of many such events I was completely gobsmacked. An entire school of preschoolers sat on the stage and performed one song after the other for almost a full hour without a glitch. Amazing. I still can't get over it. 

 On the way home I stopped in Walmart and found this.

 And this.

 All of their pre-cuts were on clearance.

 I do NOT need any more material but I filled my cart and then.....

 ....rolled over to the next aisle to find even more.

 More found it's way into my cart. I am seeing lots of aprons. I live in aprons and these fun Mexican prints will be perfect for summer and the Day of the Dead.

Even better, when I got over to the Giant I found all the Passover food on clearance. The Mister and I love those fruit slices. 75 cents.  We eat a lot of matzo ball soup. 75 cents.
I spent a fortune on this trip-but I saved a lot.


  1. Wow! I was planning a trip in the direction of a Walmart so I think I'll stop in - they seem to be slowly getting rid of their fabric section. Matzo ball soup is the best thing for a cold anytime of the year!

  2. Always fun to find bargains on things you frequently use. Love the fabric you purchased.

  3. Oh my gosh, I love going to recitals! And that fabric with the pink giraffes! I'm not normally into pink but I just love those pink giraffes! I'm a little upset they didn't make it into your cart. Our Walmart can't make up their mind about selling fabric. They used to have a huge fabric department, got rid of it, set up a few fabric aisles a few months later, got rid of them, set up 1 aisle... got rid of it, set up another aisle....

  4. Deb, you saved a lot!!! That's the best way to spend. I think those little kids could teach some 6th graders I've heard about.....

  5. Apparently Walmart is making big changes in their fabric department. All of the stores in my area have reduced a good portion of their fabric. One employee stated that they were going more to precuts so it will be interesting to see what happens. While I don't buy much of my fabric there, it is nice to have that as a resource and particularly when I suddenly need something like a special thread color today. School plays are really cute and entertaining - especially the younger kids.

  6. What a pairing of events! lol
    The concert for the grand had to be a proud moment! All of that fabric will turn into some beautiful projects soon enough!

  7. Terrific finds my friend. Glad the show was entertaining. As you recall Little Buddy played elevator on stage between songs at his last concert, I really had to hold it together in the audience because I was laughing so much.

  8. How fun to go to the concert. I love kids programs and concerts, having someone I know actually in it makes it even better.
    Love your bargains. I should check out our local Walmart and see if they have similar bargains.

  9. The show looks adorable!
    Luckily I don't live near a Walmart, so I won't fall into that rabbit hole. It looks very tempting.
    I don't like the fruit slices, but my kids loved them when they were little. What I really like is matzoh with butter -- which is a huge amount of calories!

  10. OMG!!! I wonder if my Walmart has that clearance. What a score!

  11. Sounds like you had a great trip! It's really nice that you could make your Grand's performance, too. If you get a chance, you might enjoy hearing our combined choirs and what we sang yesterday: LOTS of KIDS!