Thursday, May 23, 2019

Yet Another Fine Mess

This is what my living room looks like-again. It seems like every time I get it cleaned up we start another project that turns it into a storage facility. This time it's a new floor for the stash/soap room.

Taking everything out of the room has been a real chore. All my soap stuff had to find a home.

I'm in the middle of a soap cure so I had to find a safe place for all of it as well.

My new dining room table is under there somewhere. I'm running out of room to put stuff.

I can't believe there was so much junk in such a small room.  At least all the shelves fit on one side of the living room.

The yarn and fiber stash was actually fun to go through and bag up. I'm glad I bought several of these Dimpa bags from Ikea when I redid my bedroom. They've come in very handy. That's the old vinyl floor under the bag that's getting ripped up so we can put wood down.

I do love seeing my stash all together like this. It makes me want to weave, spin and knit all of it. Now. That sounds like more fun than hammering down wood.

 While I had the handspun bins out I went looking for something to make a Hitchhiker with.

 I've got lots of possibilities but no time until we get this job done. Who knows how long it will take. The Mister and I wear out pretty quickly these days so I'm guessing at least a couple of weeks.


  1. It's going to be wonderful when you're all done. Going through the stash is probably a good thing. I should get rid of a lot of yarn that I'll probably never use. Maybe a project for next winter. Meanwhile, I think your livingroom looks great dressed in yarn and soap!

  2. It will be finished before you know it and will be fabulous when you're finished. I miss my wood floors.

  3. It's a hassle now but having a new wood floor will be worth it! Btw, great minds think alike! I just started another Hitchhiker this morning. :)

  4. Utter chaos now but the end result will be so worth all the effort! It is a very colorful chaos also. I am so impressed with all you can do.

  5. How nice it will be when all put away again!!!
    Though it is very good to go through the stash and remind yourself of all you have! lol

  6. It will be a great floor when you get it done! :)