Monday, May 13, 2019

I'm No Expert

 As I have said many times before I am still very much a newbie when it comes to this weaving thing. Nevertheless someone asked me to show them how I hem my projects so here goes. First you have to zig zag all the edges you are going to cut. It's a lot like steeking.

 Ta dah....cut and trimmed.

 I am always afraid to do this but actually, even the little cut bits stay together pretty well.

 Then those loose ends where you change colors have to trimmed. You want to leave a bit until after you block them. I'll tell you why later.

 Like any hem you have to turn it under and press it down.

 Then you turn it down again and clip the daylights out of it. Before I found these clips I used pins. It was awful. Pins don't hold this loosey goosey material very well and everything would slip and slide. The trick here is to make sure you are folding in the same side on each end. It's a bear to rip it out and redo it. Don't ask me how I know this.

 Now you stitch close to the edge. You don't want those little frayed bits popping out later. I found that out the hard way too.

 The whole thing goes in for a rinse and spin to block it.

 The Mister, bless his heart, thought he was helping me so when he took them out of the washing machine he hung them up to dry. Wrong. They need to go into the dryer. I bit my tongue and then re-wet them and tossed them in a hot dryer.

It comes out a much tighter material. Those loose ends will pull in and secure themselves. You can see that they are much smaller now. All I have to do now is snip them off close to the fabric and it's a done deal. No weaving in ends at all. The towels will get a bit smaller, tighter and softer every time I wash them for a while.
I still can't believe I know how to do this. If I can weave, anyone can.


  1. Thank you so much for explaining the process because I was wondering how it worked. I think this is one of my favorite towels you've woven. I love the colors together.

  2. Just beautiful!!!! It is indeed a wonder when they come out of the dryer! (my towel from you gets used and washed each week and it is still in perfect shape--and a favorite in my kitchen!)

  3. I love those colors! In fact, I guess any color would be welcome after these days of grey and rainy skies! What a wonderful explanation - I think I could like weaving except for the setting up part. Not much patience, me.

  4. That is so interesting as I had no idea how a woven item was finished off. Love the color and design of the towel. So neat that the weave tightens when laundering/drying. Sort of like felting wool. So cool!

  5. It is kind of magical! I never knew that they would continue to change size as you wash and dry them. These are so pretty - love the colors.

  6. Wow. I cannot believe you push yourself with so many different skills! I'm so dull, I just knit........

  7. Thanks for showing & explaining the process. I didn't have a clue how this was done.

  8. Your weaving is just so beautiful. Thank you for the details in how you finish the edges and how you wash it all to make it perfect.