Tuesday, May 21, 2019


I had just sat down to enjoy an early morning knitting session when disaster struck.

 My large glass of iced coffee somehow took a nosedive off the table and into the knitting containers that were piled up waiting to go at my feet. First it hit the Lofoten but luckily the top was on it so no harm was done to the yarn inside.

I thought I was out of the woods until I realized that the knitting bag that was hanging on the chair got the worst of it. It was full of sugar laced coffee and ice cubes. What an unholy mess. Ugh.

The pattern was a goner.

 But somehow the project was not. Whew. I had to immediately go make new copies of the pattern. I can't stand fugly patterns. The sight of that coffee stained pattern triggered a compulsive side of me that I didn't even know existed.

My morning was shot. In spite of all the excitement I did manage to get a couple dishcloths made. I also learned a good lesson. No more coffee on the knitting table.


  1. I just use bottles when working on crafts...otherwise I would be a disaster waiting to happen:)

  2. Thankfully, the projects were spared. Sorry about the loss of a good glass of iced coffee though.

  3. I've done stuff like that so many times.... the most memorable was the HUGE full cup of hot chocolate. It was all over everything. It even went into the power bar and there was this strange buzzing noise until I wised up and unplugged it (then I had to clean up in the dark!)

  4. Whew! I'm glad no yarn or knitting projects were soiled.

  5. Oh no! I'm glad the only real casualty was a pattern that you could reprint. I've done the same with diet pepsi. That was a real mess too.

  6. What a bummer to interrupt the knitting morning mojo! Glad it wasn't worse than it was.
    Nice knitting happened anyway!

  7. Some days . . . Glad no electronics were in the area and no damage to your projects.

  8. Oh my gosh - I was getting anxious just reading this! So so thankful that your work was spared!