Friday, May 24, 2019

Hot Off the Needles

 I didn't think I'd have any knitting content to show today because of ....wood.

 We worked from 10-2 so I had early morning and late afternoon for some sit down time.

 We got eleven rows done. The first few rows are the hard ones.

 I even got two mini loaves of banana breads baked....and eaten.

 I also finished a dishcloth that had been hanging around for a very long time. The afternoon beer helped. That's one thing I've learned about all this home improvement stuff. There must be beer.


  1. You guys could hire out-you are getting really good at this flooring stuff! lol
    Nice to do a little unwinding knitting!

  2. Love it all! Especially your pants! :-) . I would say you got lots and lots accomplished.

  3. The floor is going to be beautiful! I bet you guys will have it complete within a week. Love that variegated yarn that is on your needles in the last photo.

  4. I love your outfit - absolutely de rigueur for laying such a lovely floor! I'm going to break and look up the dishcloth pattern - I've really fallen in love with it!

  5. Of course there must be beer's the reward for all that work! The floor looks great. You're going to love it (after it's done).

  6. Cute dish cloth! And that banana bread looks delicious, even though I can't stand bananas. I'm pretending it's lemon flavored. :) Good luck with the floors. They'll be beautiful when you're done, but laying floors is back breaking. Be gentle with yourself, and definitely take a few beer breaks.

  7. You guys are putting in your own wooden floor? I am uber-impressed!