Thursday, May 2, 2019

Road Trip!!!!

 The Mister and I have been tied down with sick parents and sick pets for so long that packing to go somewhere feels weird.

It's been a week long adventure in figuring out what needs to be done. First priority is road food. It has to be pretzel rods and Twizzlers.

 Pup is packed. She is still very limpy from her torn ACL so we've got to take the stroller. I'm pretty sure an orthopedic vet surgeon is in her future when we get back. Ugh.

Our vet's receptionist is taking care of the cats. I've bought every cleaning thing I can think of. Our indoor kitties are pukers.

 Ditto for smelly things. Having the house locked up for four days isn't going to be pleasant for anyone.

 It's the outdoor kitties I worry about the most. I feed them when I see them but our sitter is only going to be dropping by twice a day to sit food out for them. I bought some moat type anti ant bowls last week. They seem to be working.

 I also bought this tray that has anti ant legs.

 You put this goo on them and it's like a miracle . Ants are all under the tray but not one has climbed up on it.

I've been so worried with animal details that I hope I have everything I need. Fancy clothes are packed and I did a quick visit to Marshall's this morning to pick up some comfy travel clothes.

I also got lots of nail polish and some new sandals. It's going to be cold in Detroit this weekend but I'm still painting my toe nails. I just don't know what color yet so I got them all.

 Only one knitting project is going with me. I am taking the largely ignored Hawthorne sock just because I will have to work on it if I have nothing else.

 Pup has a surprise waiting in the car. It's her new bed and a new bunny. I didn't want to take her old smelly bed things to the pretty house we are renting so I picked up some new things for her. Marshall's has amazing prices on their pet things. That huge bed was $20 and the that big rabbit was $3.

Now I'm off to finish up the thank you cards I am making for the three people helping me get through this. One is for our cat sitter, one is for the dog sitter in Detroit and one is for our neighbor who'll be checking the house for us. I am also filling a bag with soap goodies for them.

I sent The Mister out this morning for a bottle of rum for the trip. I am writing this at 2 pm on Wednesday and I've already opened the bottle and had a snort. Packing is hard work.

Before we leave I need to thank Mary and Betsy for all this yummy goodness. My sweet tooth is going to be so happy. Thanks so much ladies!


  1. WOW! That package arrived fast. I just mailed it on Monday. It looks as though you have things pretty well in hand for your trip. I love traveling and miss doing more of it. You are sure a great pet Mama. You've made every provision possible for them.
    Now, go on your trip and have a wondefully amazing time my friend.

  2. Have a wonderful trip! I think Pup is going to enjoy her vacation. :-)

  3. Your snort made me laugh! ENJOY!! Can't wait to hear all about it

  4. You can paint each toe in a different colour! Use them all!

  5. I hope you have an absolutely wonderful trip and a wonderful time at all the wedding festivities. As I was reading your post about all that was required as far as packing and making arrangements for animals, it reminded me why I like day trips so much. Look forward to seeing photos. Be safe.

  6. You had me at Twizzlers! Safe travel

  7. So many people to have to replace you on the home front! Have a wonderful time-I love your travel snacks!

  8. Twizzlers are perfect! I bought some clear nail polish with glitter in it...that is far out for me:)

  9. Twizzlers & Rum - I definitely want to take a road trip with you! I don't think I've ever met anyone else who likes Captain Morgan's spiced rum. I knew I liked you! :)