Sunday, May 26, 2019

To Market, To Market

 This is the third time I've been down to the Farmer's Market without getting my pizza. I've waited all winter for that pizza.

The First week it started raining buckets just as they opened up. The second week we had to leave because Pup threw a fit. She hates the sound of revving up engines and got a little too upset. This past week we left her at home but....I just wasn't hungry. Go figure.

 It's really all about the vintage cars for The Mister. We know several people who own them and he loves to go down for a chat. I can't believe how many line the roads. Every year there are more and more.

 It's early in the season so it's mostly just food and booze tents.

 The Amish folks have miles of baked goods.....

 ....and lovely cut flowers for $7 a big bundle. That's quite a bargain and they go quick.

Locally grown produce is pretty scarce but I would have loved some kale if the lines weren't so long. Next week?


  1. Can you imagine baking THAT many loaves of bread??? It makes my hands ache just thinking about it. (But, it makes my mouth water! I love a good piece of bread!)

  2. That bread! I would definitely have stood in like for the bread and those gorgeous flowers. We don't have any farmers markets yet. I'm looking forward to them opening up in a few weeks. There is nothing like fresh produce.

  3. oh boy, those flowers are a real bargain!!!!
    The Mister, so happy!
    The bread...I LOVE all breads

  4. Your farmers market looks wonderful. I probably would have had to have pizza even if I wasn't hungry after two failed attempts. Maybe next time you will get pizza and fresh vegetables.

  5. Still too chilly for anything to grow let alone have a Farmer's Market. Hopefully, June will bring warmer temperatures.

  6. It's always fun to head to market, look at the old cars and eat pizza!!!! (psyche yourself up for next time!)

  7. LOL, I'm laughing a little harder than I should at the Amish bread and booze. Sounds fantastic though! Hope you get your pizza soon.