Saturday, May 4, 2019

Eastern Market

 Before we went off to the wedding event planned for Friday evening I had time to explore the house while The Mister and SIL went out for some golf. Look at what I found. This is a very vintage footstool in some kind of needlework.

 Then there was this. I am not sure what it is but it was under the bay window. I pulled it out so I could photograph it. It's the same kind of needlework and I think it's some kind of kneeling bench. It's really beautiful.

 The Mister and I joined the bride's family for a pre-wedding dinner at a craft beer bar in the Eastern Market section of Detroit.

 They had a nice variety of appetizers for us along with some amazing pizza which I forgot to photograph because I ate it so quickly.

The bride's mom had asked me for photos of Middle Son for a slide show that was very sweet. Older Son gave a toast.

The Grands were very well behaved. This was day number two of wedding events for them. They had arrived in town early and had joined the bride's family for dinner the night before also.

There was a rooftop seating area but it was COLD. When we left Maryland it was almost 80. When we got to Detroit it was 45 degrees. Needless to say, even though I was warned I didn't pack very well. I've been freezing to death since I got here.


  1. The cushion and kneeler are beautiful needlepoint.

    Your Air BnB looks AMAZING!

  2. I'm so glad you have had some quiet time to explore and relax before the big event!
    The needlepoint works are indeed very beautiful!

  3. Dee is correct, it's needlepoint. I made some items about 30+ years ago. It's difficult to find the supplies now. Enjoy the cool, chilly temperatures while you can.

  4. I love stumbling across old needle pointed things. Imagine the thoughts and stories the kneeler (I would have called it a prayer bench) has heard!
    Hope the good food, wine, company and times warm you up!

  5. I think your Air BnB is beautiful and the needlepoint is so pretty. It always amazes me that people are wiling to have strangers stay in their homes with such treasures and not worry about them being destroyed. I know that's not you, but you never know what some people will do. I hope all is well at the wedding.

  6. You may be cold but everything looks so pretty. Love the rooftop photo. I think the two pieces of needlework are needlepoint. Hope you have beautiful weather for the wedding.

  7. I think the little bench is a prayer bench - a highschool friend who's parent's had a load of antiques had something similar, I recall.

  8. What a fabulous weekend this is turning out to be! That house is spectacular. How is Rover working out?
    Neither of mine is married yet, so I can't even imagine all the excitement and emotion. Enjoy!

    1. The Rover experience was wonderful! The only issue I had was that the rates were too cheap-$25 a day for overnight sitting. She deserved way more than Rover pays her especially after the cut they take so we gave her a really big tip.