Saturday, October 31, 2020

Ghosts of Halloween Past


I loved Halloween. It was MY holiday when the kids were little. I didn't have to share them with anyone. No going to grandparents. No spending the day doing things that were an obligation. It was pure joy. I worked all month on costumes. Daughter and I made the front page of the county newspaper at one Halloween parade.

We had just seen Cats at the National Theater and you can tell I was very impressed. I'm Growl Tiger. She's Jennyanydots. 

My homemade costumes weren't always a hit. Dressing #2 Son up as Holly Hobby on his first Halloween was not well received. I still have the bonnet. 

#1 son got better reviews that year even though he didn't look very happy about all that itchy tulle. 

Once they were old enough to have an opinion they wanted store bought costumes like their friends. 

Lucky for me Daughter was still young enough to let me make costumes for her.

Those sure were the good old days. Everything is canceled here this year so I won't bother hanging the vintage pumpkin lights in the front window.

I might be making our traditional donuts but just a few. I hate to use up all my baking supplies. I am having trouble getting things again. I need my stuff to last.

Happy Halloween from 2017 me!
 Look....I still had a kitchen! Lol....
Stay safe and see you in November. 


  1. Fun memories and photos! I like Halloween too for the same reasons no cooking and no expectations:)

  2. I like the photos of the costumes. You did such a great job making them. Yum on the donuts too.
    I'm having trouble getting some things again too. This week it was peas and mandarin oranges. They gave me six bags of mixed veggies instead! Those will take awhile to eat. :-)

  3. A fun post! I hope your day is full of Treats!

  4. I love these photos! My favorite costume was one my Mom made when I was fourteen - a devil costume with a cheeky miniskirt!
    My youngest son, however, still claims to have been scarred by the costume I made for him when he was in kindergartner - he was a blue crayon, complete with felt crayon point hat. I thought it was awesome - he, apparently, was somewhat humiliated.

  5. I love the Hallowe'en costumes!
    We only had store bought costumes once, I was about 3 and my brother was 5. They were the terrible ones from the early 80s that were just a cheap plastic mask, and what was basically a plastic garbage bag with whatever franchise it was from printed on the front - I think ours were Star Wars or He-Man or something.
    Everything else we made with our Mom. Money was tight so we were always on a budget, but somehow she always managed to pull it off. Dad's contribution was taking us out to trick or treat, and he was always a blast. Hallowe'en always makes me miss being young.

  6. I am really having a hard time imagining no kitchen.
    Your witch photo is great!

  7. Love your daughter's witch costume. My mom made me a clown costume one year when I was probably around 6, then told me to wear it again year after year after year. Apparently, she didn't enjoy the sewing experience.