Monday, October 19, 2020

The Hows and the Whys


I got a lot of comments on why I would need to do so much laundry by hand when my washer broke. Here's why. I am terribly, terribly allergic to cats and keep my furniture covered when I am not sitting on it so when I do want to sit down it is not covered in cat dander.

I use a lot of this. I discovered that hand sanitizer on a damp washcloth works just as well to clean allergens from kitty surfaces but hand sanitizer is hard to come by. This pricey stuff is not. 

We have a large corner couch in the downstairs and a small one upstairs so it's a lot of sheets that have to be changed and washed every day. We also have towels in all the pets beds that are picked up and washed daily too. It's not a big deal when you have a working washer and  dryer but when you don't it looks like this.  I think my new ladder clothesline was quite clever of me. The yard is too muddy to put up a rope.

At least the weather cleared up so I could move all the dripping to the outside. My little Ikea drying rack is more precious to me now than ever. I went online to look for another and they want a small fortune for these things. This one is $9.99. Amazon wants anywhere from $20-50 for one. If I ever do get to Ikea again I am picking up a bunch of these. I always seem to have it in use for something or other. 

Speaking of Ikea, this is a reminder that I am still living in this horror. I had just come to the conclusion that my dream Ikea kitchen was not going to happen so we had started to do research on places that would deliver our cabinets and counter top without us having to go in and work with a designer for hours. That would mean just literally replacing the cabinets we have for size and placement. At this point I was okay with that. A pandemic really puts things into perspective. If I could deal with this mess for 7 months now who needs a bigger, fancier kitchen? Not me. Then Pup got sick and the washer broke and it's all cost us a fortune so now we are back to just looking at it all in amazement and wondering what the heck to do-again. 


  1. Life. Sometimes it just leaves you wondering what to do next. I just know I'm avoiding the public as much as I can because our numbers are escalating quickly again.
    I'm sorry your kitchen is on hold again but happy you can hang your laundry outside to dry. I've had to move mine inside the RV because of rain and now snow and temps in the teens are predicted by the end of the week. I have to figure out where I can put the dryer in here. There's certainly not a lot of floor space.
    Take care.

  2. Oh, gosh - I had forgotten about your kitchen and am so sorry to hear that it's been stopped again! Hopefully, you can work something out before too long. I do, however, love the genius of the ladder clothes hanger!

  3. Wow! That's a lot of effort you go through for the cats. I think I'd quickly become a dog person. :) As for the kitchen, I don't know how you are surviving that. I could deal with that in the living area, but not the kitchen. If I were you, I'd consider putting the old cabinets back or getting cheap bookcases to line the walls with to put my dishes & pots & pans on. Just the thought of trying to cook in a cluttered kitchen makes me twitch. Sorry - that all sounds really judgmental. Don't mean for it to be, just mean that you are a Much better/stronger woman than I! Hope you can get it sorted out soon. Good luck!

  4. That's a mighty amount of laundry!! Every day!! I love drying stuff outside.

  5. Here , there is a ReStore where they sell new cabinets , whole sets for cheaper than retail, also counter tops. It is under the Habitat for Humanity web site. They benefit from the selling of these and the gently used furniture that folks donate.
    No wonder your washer gave out with all that washing of sheets / towels every day.
    Good idea to get the dryer as well.

  6. It seems that plans are never as easy as we want them to be. Once the bumps in the road are smoothed out, life goes on. But those stupid bumps can be so frustrating! I hope that you get things straightened out soon.

  7. That is lots of laundry to do! Our old Vet was allergic to cats...he had quite a time with that allergy. Hope your washer gets delivered soon:0

  8. Well, Deb we went to a big store HOBO Homeownersbyers and we got great cabinets from there. We were worried about getting our cabinets there and the person who put them in was really impressed with them.
    Have you given any thought to Purina's new cat food that is supposed to help owners who have allergies? I wonder if anyone who has tried can attest. I'd ask my vet first of course, but it may be a good idea

  9. Oh, boy. Things sure can get complicated. I think you can get out some graph paper and draw in your cabinets how you like them and you and DH can put them up together. Once in place, you can only have one expense to have the countertop custom made. You can do this!