Thursday, October 29, 2020

The Calm Before the Storm


Not again. What is it about these gulf storms that want to end up sitting on top of us? This makes the third one this year. 

The storm is hundreds of miles away but it was very ominous out on the bay today. We've got two days of heavy rain to look forward to so we thought we better get out.

We hadn't been down on this end of the boardwalk since the pandemic started and we were shocked by some the damage we saw that must have come from the other two storms. Folks on the water were getting ready for some coastal flooding-again. 

We ventured that far into town because we were pretty much the only ones out there. Even the pier was deserted. We haven't been on the pier since last February.

The feathered inhabitants were in abundance as usual. I wonder what they think of all the masked folks gawking at them. 

All of the town fall and winter festivities are canceled but that hasn't stopped them from decorating. It's not even Halloween and the Christmas stuff is going up....

....and up. I always wonder about the person who ordered the light up tulips and hummingbirds for the winter display. Dancing crabs I get-tulips, not so much.


  1. Hurricanes usually run out of steam this far across land but not this year! Sorry. Hunker down and stay safe as can be--hoping for no trees down for your yard!

  2. The person in charge of the lights must not like winter much and is ready for spring!
    Hope the storm isn't too hard on you.

  3. Maybe they were cheaper, the tulips, I mean.
    You could also leave them up all year round.;)

  4. My goodness. This has been an awful year for hurricanes, fires, tornadoes and other disasters. Take care and be safe my friend.

  5. I can't thank you enough for your generosity!! I received your soap today. I appreciate it so much. Stay safe and hope there are no more trees that come down with the storm.

  6. Hope you escape damage. Those storms seem to be on the same track :(