Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Piling Up


My latest Pimpeliesse is done.

It started like this.....

....and then got spun....

....and now it joins my other two Pandemic Pimpeliesses.  The last two need to be blocked. They look much better after they've had a good stretching. 

I told myself that I was going to knit a pile of them for whatever reason and I am. I just wound up some more of my handspun. That's the BFL I just dyed for the TdF. 

It's not super soft but I think it will work.  


  1. I finished Piper's fourth sweater tonight and sewed buttons on the three that I still have here. I'll wash them in the morning and take a trip to the post office to send them to her.
    I dug out my half finished Pimpeliesse about half an hour ago and have it ready to be worked on again. I had put the stitches on a holder because I needed the needle for the sweaters. It is now back on the needle, I recieved the new skein of Manatee Stroll from Knit Picks and so I'm itching to work on it tomorrow. I'm way too tired today.
    I love that you have a pile of them. I have given away about a dozen or so and have two of my own. I don't know where the one I'm making now will go. A Christmas present perhaps?
    Take care and stay safe. This pandemic stuff is getting out of hand.

  2. What pretty shawls! I've never knit one of those...maybe it's time?

  3. Oh, how elegant! I need to pull mine out of the bag and get going again! I can just imagine the softness of the drape after blocking that garter stitching!

  4. So pretty! I love finding a pattern that I want to knit over and over and over again. Hitchhiker and Reyna are my 2 go-to/repeat patterns. I like the one you've been knitting but please include a pronunciation for it's name sometime. The first time I read it, I read it as "pimple ease" and that's stuck with me... and now I can't make myself knit one. LOL

  5. Pretty shawls and yarn. I need to start knitting something beside socks. I’ve knit shawls but I never wear them.

  6. Your newest Pimpeliesse is beautiful! It is interesting to see the evolution. I guess you will be warm and toasty this fall/winter. After many beautiful fall days, rain will be moving in tonight. Thank you for the wonderful soap that I received today. It is beautiful and I have unwrapped Zesty Lemon and put it in the shower for tomorrow morning. What a treat! I just love your soap and the card was very creative. I appreciate the opportunity to participate in the giveaway.

  7. I totally forgot about this pattern! It's a great one and your handspun looks great with it!

  8. You are like me and my shawls and cowls...I just keep making them:)

  9. When you love a pattern, you have to potato chip knit!! Your shawls are gorgeous Deb!