Wednesday, October 7, 2020

The Black Hole of Knitting


I keep knitting but they don't get any longer. The yarn balls are getting smaller but I am starting to wonder. Man socks are something else. They live in their own reality.

Same thing with my latest Pimpeliesse. It's pretty much all one color so it's dragging on. Stripes seem to go so much faster. 

I can see progress in the Little Bubbles sleeve. I should have had this finished by now but I am taking my time because I am dreading picking up the stitches for the front bands because I am so bad at it. 

Then there is this. My closet floor is empty since I finished the giant blanket so I pulled out the Altheda pullover to take its place. 

It's the one made of the unspun Lopi I had mailed from Iceland last winter. I had to put it away because, well....Lopi. It's the definition of itchy and scratchy when the weather is warm but it's your best friend in the cold. 


  1. Such beautiful projects. I know exactly what you mean by the black hole of men's socks. I made a pair of size 14 last year and I said never again.
    The little sweater is looking beautiful. I love it. I'm the same way with button bands and these sweaters that I'm making for Piper ALL have buttonbands. Ugh!
    Take care and I apologize for the comment last night. I think I was typing while I was asleep. Seriously. When I read it today I was appalled but I really did keep falling asleep while checking blogs last night. It was one of those days.

  2. That Bubble sweater is so intriguing (I think I saw that every time you post about it. All of your projects are so beautiful. I agree, that knitting in one color seems to take longer than using a multi-colored yarn - lol

  3. I think your problem is all that grey, beige and white! You need some colour!

  4. I avoid man socks. They take forever! And they never want fun colors like pink or yellow!
    That little sweater could not be sweeter. I also dread picking up stitches for button bands. Usually it takes me a few tries!

  5. It is ironic how knitting with stripes always goes faster than knitting with a solid or semi-solid color.

  6. I can't believe you are bad at any crafty thing. I'm sure you can pick up those stitches like a pro. All your projects are beautiful. Can't wait to see how the Lopi sweater progresses.

  7. I know what you mean about man socks--I take a long time between pairs! The shawl will come along-keep going! The new little cardi is gorgeous! (ever try to single crochet one row up the fronts and then pick them up with your needle to knit--much easier!)

  8. Be brave Deb! Like Jeannie I cannot believe you are bad at anything. Picking up stitches on socks is no problem for me, but for other things it is complex. I think AMY Beth Fat Squirrel had some tricks to doing it. ????

  9. Pretty projects! I like variegated yarn too:)