Saturday, October 17, 2020

Wash Day


Guess what we did yesterday? Laundry. All day. It was raining again so there wasn't much else to do. We started out by moving it all downstairs into the lower level tub so I could get my pretty new bathroom back. We had a system and we got through quite a lot once we set up the dehumidifier to speed the drip drying up. We went ahead and ordered the matching dryer to the washer-just in case. Who wants to go through this again anytime soon? Not me. 

And we've got something new to wash. Little lambies on a pink......

....pair of jammies for Pup. That's the best photo I could get. After three weeks of wearing the cone of shame she really wasn't in the mood for any modeling. Daughter found them at Home Good-which makes me not happy she was in Home Goods but they really are nice jammies. They are very soft and surprisingly sturdy. They will be nice and warm for a winter walk. I wish I had a pair like that. 


  1. Love, love the jammies. We could all use a pair of those to cuddle up in. I think it will be a long, long winter. All of our numbers are up here and there is talk about going back to Phase 1. NOOOOOO! When will this nightmare end?

    1. Possibly when the asteroid hits, this will end. We don't know , do we?

  2. Sorry for the laundry situation--makes us glad the washing in the creek has been replaced, right?! Pup's new pj's are adorable!

  3. Cute jammies...I see fun times we had at your house:(

  4. This reminds me of growing up. My parents never had a dryer when I was growing up. Had to wait 1 or 2 days to be able to wear my jeans again. My mother's theory was that a dryer wore out clothes too soon. Not a popular theory with a teenager like me. Love the PJ's! I think that Reggie would tear them into shreds if I tried that on him.

  5. I would love to have those jammies too! As for the laundry, I think I'd have just gone dirty until the new washer arrived. That's the great thing about Covid. No one would know. :)

  6. Wow, that's a lot of effort. I think I'd go to a laundromat if my washer broke down.
    A matching dryer is a good idea!