Saturday, October 3, 2020

It's a Wrap


I spent yesterday continuing to keep an eye on my now not so itchy dog and wrapping soap.

I had three batches on the drying racks that had been there forever that needed to go. 

I've got a lot of odds and ends from the Summer Giveaway That Wasn't leftover. I'd been handing it out to the folks that bring our deliveries but I think I've saturated that market. 

What I have leftover are lots of various odds and ends. A few of this, a couple of that. Honestly, it's not my best. It's the bars that I usually keep for myself, the ends, the broken corners, the designs that didn't quite work out. I have accumulated too many of them lately to keep. I'm still using soap I made 5 years ago. 

I really need to get rid of them so I can make more. If you want a bar head over to Ravelry or leave me your address and let me know whether you want regular scented, medicinally scented or unscented and in the next few months I will see what I can do about mailing it out. Most of the spring and summer scents have faded so they don't really matter at this point but if you have a scent you really, really hate let me know. Medicinal scented means essential oils like rosemary, tea tree and oregano. They are very mild too. There won't be any ride-alongs. I wouldn't expect anyone to want a concoction made by a stranger right now. 

There will be cards. All my goats need to go somewhere. 
Canadian friends........I am still trying to figure out how to Click and Ship online out of the country. It takes forever to stand in the PO and have the clerk figure out how to ship internationally and I don't want to take that risk. Like most places, our numbers are going up again.  I am not saying no but it may take me a while to figure it out.


  1. I bet they are all wonderful - you are too hard on yourself. Love the goat cards.

    I'd love a bar or two (not picky on scent), but ONLY!!! if you can figure out how to ship from home - do not, under any circumstances, go to the post office. It's not worth the risk.

  2. Those cards are adorable and the soap looks beautiful. Pretty colors.

  3. Those cards! They are just so sweet.
    You are so generous Debra. Thank you for offering your soap to all of us.

  4. Oh, you do make good soap! I will gladly head over to get in my request! Thank you for your amazing generousity!

  5. I so enjoy your blog. You try all crafts with success. I admire you. I went to Ravelry too for my request. I am from Canada though. Please only do it safely.