Tuesday, October 20, 2020

TNT: Halloween Edition


I finished another row of the lawn this week. Yippee. Three more rows to go. I wanted it done by the end of the year but that's not going to happen. It's slow going. 

I also finished my sprig of...whatever that is. It's a bit sloppy. My satin stitch needs work so it's a good thing I've got plenty more sprigs left to do. 

But..I am putting both of those projects on hold so I can put a few stitches on my Halloween projects even though I am not feeling very Halloweeny. Fall really hasn't shown up here yet and of course all the things we look forward to like the dog costume parade is cancelled. We haven't had any trick or treaters in years but it was always fun to have a bowl of candy by the door and light up a Jack O Lantern-just in case one wandered by.


  1. I think all of the projects are looking good. They sent a text out that there is to be NO trick or treating here at the RV park this year. That's too bad. There are several children that live here because their Dad's travel for work, (iron workers, bridge builders, etc.), and their families go with them. They all seem to be great kids and I keep a big bowl of candy by the RV door and pass it out when they're playing by our trailer. It's too bad that is being taken away too.
    Fall was short here this year. It was 80F a few weeks ago and it's supposed to snow about 5 inches on Friday with lows around 18F! Summer to winter in less than two weeks!

  2. Oh gosh! I love all your Halloween stitching and I really am enjoying seeing your crewel work too (it does not look sloppy to me). I am guessing there will not be trick or treaters this year in our neighborhood. I've seen more and more signs for Trunk & Treat - churches, firehouses, etc.

  3. I decorated the house for Fall to help me recognize the season change bc I have no clues from outside temps, that's for sure! Have fun with the halloween stitching!

  4. We aren't doing Hallowe'en this year either, not because COVID, but because most of the kids around here are monsters year round. I'm putting together some little baggies for the few neighbour kids we do like.

    I love that little witchy sampler. Your projects always make me want to get out my floss and tiny needles!

  5. It is very chilly and fallish here in Illinois. The leaves are changing and many are on the ground already. We haven't decided if we will have candy for trick or treaters this year with COVID cases going up again. I think we will see what the weather will be like...

  6. Your Halloween projects are just awesome! I can't pick a favorite between the three. Love them. Actually, I like all your projects and am in awe with how you can juggle them.

  7. I still don't understand how you can put one project down, pick up another then eventually go back to the original. It boggles my mind because once my projects get paused, they stay paused.
    I'm not feeling Halloweeny either. We are having an actual fall this year, which is great, but we don't have pumpkins (the MIL might trip over them) and we don't have candy or any Halloween décor here. The one saving grace about no decorations is that it's helping me forget we don't have candy either.