Thursday, October 15, 2020

Closet Knitting


Who knew that sitting on the floor of your closet could be so relaxing? It's my new after dinner habit. I hide away from the critters and The Mister, turn on my audio book and get a few rows put on Altheda. She is starting to finally look like something. I was getting worried.

I've been taking Pimpeliesse in there too when I haven't had any other time to work on it. I'm on the downhill side now. 


The one thing I didn't want to think about when I was in my knitting hideaway last night is that my wash machine is sitting in the driveway. It finally...went. We just got finished replacing the band on the dryer and were in no mood to take this thing apart and fix whatever made it go sproing so out it went. My new one is being delivered tomorrow and they'll be taking the old one away. I know it's crazy but it makes me sad. Poor old thing.


  1. Isn't it funny how we get attached to things? I remember when my washer that I had with all three kids finally gave up. I cried when it was hauled away. That thing faithfully washed hundreds of loads of diapers. Three times per load. You know, rinse, wash then rinse again. It was a trooper.

  2. Altheda is going to be beautiful! I laughed at my mental image of you knitting in the closet Harry Potter style.
    The last time we replaced a washer was because Mike had gotten so fed up with it not working properly, he picked it up, carried it onto the 2nd floor deck and tossed over the railing. Then he let it lay out there for a month so the dogs could pee on it. LOL it really was a horrible machine and deserved what it got.

  3. Pimpeliesse is so pretty.
    We had to replace our dryer a few months back. It was about 20 years old so I can't complain. Neighbour Krista's Dad was getting rid of his still working one at the same time, so we lucked out. His washer broke, but his wife HAS to have a matching set so he was giving away a perfectly good dryer (only five years old). It has more features then my truck - it's crazy! It's almost a computer!

  4. Love the image of sitting in the closet with knitting and an audiobook! Its sounds wonderful and your projects are progressing nicely.

  5. It sounds like you have worked out a good routine to keep your projects in rotation and on the road to completion. Good luck with the new washer.

  6. I am waiting for my washer/dryer to go our soon . I am not taking bets on the race between the fridge and the washer/dryer as both are over 20 yrs old. My closet is not big enough to sit in!

  7. If the closet knitting works-and by the results, I'd say it does--keep it up! Sorry about the appliance-we spend so much time with them, we bond!