Thursday, October 22, 2020

So Here's the Thing......


You know how I like to decorate the tops of my soap with salt chunks and glitter? Well, it's not such a good idea I just found out. 

Salt draws moisture from the air and when the humidity is this high for 5 months in a row it causes problems especially with pretty little bars of soap. This is my inside humidity with the AC set on morgue and two dehumidifiers running. The outside humidity is 88% today. It's been pretty much that way since early spring. Ugh.

So when I was pulling all my soap off my high drying racks in the soap room to send off to the giveaway folks I noticed that some of them were wet. Uh, oh....the salty topped beauties were weeping. It doesn't really affect the soap. It's just a cosmetic issue but I'm not sending weepy soap to anyone. 

Luckily I could save enough to send everyone a couple of bars but as I warned before-none of it is my best. It just hasn't been good soap making weather. I was going to make some this week and I'm glad I changed my mind. If I sent you some.....get it OUT of the plastic and into a dry spot ASAP and USE IT. Don't let it sit around. Throw in right in the tub and have a good scrub. That's what I am going to do with all my weepy ones. 

The plain old goat's milk soap seemed to handle the weather the best. The brown spots in it are just the sugar being heated to too high a temperature when I added the lye. I am still working on getting the perfect goat's milk soap but it is still been lovely to use. 

Since they are all precarious at best they are ALL going out today. The Mister is going to drop them off for me. Be on the lookout. 

I also want to thank a bloggy friend who sent me these masks. Have you ever seen anything so cute? I can't wait to wear them on the boardwalk.  Those are cards that she makes out of fabric panels in the back. How clever is that? Now I've got all the holidays covered.... thanks Ruth!


  1. We love your soap no matter the 'cosmetic' flaws!!!!! Very cute masks!

  2. Those are such cute masks. I want to get a few new ones that have the nose wire in them. Now that it's getting so cold here, yes cold, my glasses keep fogging up. They've upped our snow totals for tomorrow to 6+ inches!

  3. Your soap could look like a pile of cat vomit, and I would still love it! You make great soap and it doesn't bother my sensitive skin one bit!

  4. We’ve all wept sometime during 2020; why shouldn’t the soap “weep” too? Thank you for your generosity.

  5. Your soaps are always wonderful! I have sensitive skin and never have a problem using your soaps. I guess you shouldn't be surprised at the little cosmetic glitch. After all, it is still 2020.

  6. I love those masks! I'm making some fall/winter masks for my family but didn't find any fabric that cute!
    I think we are all agreed that your soap is such a treat that the appearance is secondary to the lovely fragrances and soapy goodness! You put so much work into all that you do and into this blog! I look forward to reading it everyday - it's truly pulled me through on some dark days!

  7. Salt. Who knew that it could make soap weepy? Not me. Your soaps are beautiful.

  8. It looks like i missed a give-away :( A couple of “tears” cannot make your soaps look bad. When I pass home-made soap shops here I always notice how your soaps are many times better looking, smelling and packaged than theirs! Liana

  9. cute masks! You are such a perfectionist with your soaps:)