Thursday, October 1, 2020

Itchy and Scratchy


Poor Pup. She had a vet appointment yesterday to deal with her allergies and she's not happy.

She got a shot, lots of pills and a $250 bill. I thought she had developed a staph infection along with the yeast issue on her tummy and I was right. Poor Pup. 

I thought there would be a lot of "I told you so's" from the vet who had warned me that this could happen back in May. She told me to keep Pup on a low carb mostly fish diet and I didn't. I am now. Thankfully that vet was not on duty. She was sick. I was afraid to ask with what. We still have to drop the pups off in the parking lot and wait in the car so there's that at least.

With all this loveliness rolling around in my head the only thing I was good for yesterday was to sit with Pup and remind her not to itch and get a few pieces in my puzzle. I am starting to swear by puzzles in times of stress and worry. They've been keeping me sane since March. 


  1. Poor Pup. It's always hard with furbabies because you can't explain to them why they feel so bad. Hopefully she likes fish!
    I'm glad you have the puzzles to keep you sane. They would drive me batty. :-)

  2. Sorry about pup---the weather should break and that will help, too. I think the puzzles take up so much of your brain activity that it closes all of the stress out!

  3. Poor pup! I'm taking Tyg to the vet (curbside) today for annual shots. She gets allergies every summer and I know the vet is going to want to do something....

  4. Hope your dog will feel better soon. I have been doing jigsaw puzzles on my Ipad. I am too cheap to buy the real ones.

  5. I've got to take Relic to the vet on Saturday (annual check up), and I know they are going to say something about his weight. But it's not me - it's Dave! And I'm pretty sure he's getting food in the neighbourhood somewhere

  6. Hope that Pup is better soon.
    I am a jigsaw fan as well, have several in queue but nothing on the table currently.
    May I ask; What puzzle is that with the doors?
    I usually buy at Amazon or Barnes&Noble

    1. They are Puzzle Bug 500 puzzles and they are very tiny. I bought one by mistake and now I love them. They don't take up a lot of room.

  7. Poor Pup. Hope she is feeling better today and the medication clears up the infection. We also have curbside service for vet appointments. While not ideal, I guess I should be thankful that we can get care for our animals.

  8. Allergies are miserable, so I hope Pup feels better soon.

  9. I hope that your pup feels better soon. It's amazing that diet can change a dog's health so much. I like that puzzle. It's hard to get a good puzzle these days, I think. A lot of dumb pictures. This one with the doors is just right!

  10. Poor pup. allergies are no fun. Hope her new diet helps! :)