Monday, October 12, 2020

Woolly Worries


Silvia Squirrel has a leg and a bottom. All she needs now is a tail.

I had to dip into the wool that I had bought for the Jack O Lantern project to get it done. I planned on using it for the background.

I took a look at Mr. Jack just to see how things were going and I didn't like what I saw. I ripped the background I had done last year out. It was too fuzzy. It is going to make a great squirrel tail but it's not a good background. This is the back of the project btw. I think it looks cool too.

That whole section of background is now gone so I guess I am on the hunt for more wool. Poor Mr. Jack, he won't be finished again this year.


  1. That looks so interesting and it's one craft I've never done. I ordered yarn last night from Knit Picks. I couldn't help myself. My Pimpelleise shawl needed more Stroll Manatee. I've never ran out of yarn before but I did with this one. They finally emailed me that it was back in stock so I bought it and couldn't help myself. Three more skeins just jumped into the cart.

  2. Both projects are so nice. The back looks much more interesting than I would have expected!!

  3. Robbing Peter to pay Paul works for the moment! lol I don't blame you--it looks like the perfect tail wool!

  4. I don’t think Mr. Jack will mind waiting another year to be finished. The wool will look good as a squirrel tail.

  5. Silvia Squirrel is shaping up nicely. I love Mr. Jack and am looking forward to seeing him complete (2021?)

  6. I've never been one to worry about having neat backs but I do enjoy seeing the backs of different works. Can't wait to see the squirrel's fuzzy tail!