Wednesday, October 21, 2020

A Drop in the Box


We voted yesterday. It was a big relief. We waited forever for The Mister's ballot to show up. We were really getting worried. Our county has closed most of its usual polling places for Nov. 3 and are only using the four high schools for in person voting and we definitely wanted to avoid that if at all possible. The drop off box is in the rec center parking lot where we walk the dog everyday so you can't get more convenient than that. 

We also hit the local box at town hall after spending the morning trying to figure out who the folks were that were running for town things and what to answer for the referendum questions. That was the hard ballot to fill out. We had a lot of homework to do. 

Our reward for doing our civic duty? A quick stop at the little ice cream shop on the boardwalk. It's the first time either of us have been in the little shops at the beach. Since their numbers have been excellent I thought it was a risk worth taking. I wish I could say the same for the rest of our little county. They've had a terrible week with around 15 new cases a day luckily, most of them south of us.


  1. my hubby seems to be spending more time following your election than the news here in the UK :-)

    1. I'm listening to BBC 4 right now going on and and on about the election. I listen to BBC to get away from US politics and listening to them all fighting over what's going on over here is hilarious. I'm turning it off though. I've had enough.

  2. Yay for voting and Yay for ice cream!!!

  3. What a good reward for all of that hard work! Yum. I'm glad your area's count is down.

  4. I think you've earned that icecream for sure!

  5. I had to do some research for local candidates, too. My small county has 465 active cases: one day this week 50 positives were added to the total. Needless to say, I’m staying at home.

  6. I dropped our ballots off in a drop box on Monday. I was getting worried about mine since it took several days longer than Dennis' to arrive. Our state has had mail in voting only for almost 20 years so nothing different about this year.
    Yay ice cream! It makes everything better. Our numbers increase by 60-80 every day and have for awhile. Last night there were 46 hospitalized. I'm worried about winter.

  7. Our numbers have been going up too, but they are also testing SO many more people now. While yes, the numbers go up, the ratio of positive vs. negative people is going down and that's what matters. At least to me. :) Yay for voting!

  8. we mailed ours a few weeks ago...Your ice cream looks great!

  9. That ice cream looks so good! yum. Thank YOU for voting! We have voted , too. Im writing more postcards tomorrow