Saturday, October 24, 2020

Wishy Washy


Look what came down my driveway at 8 am yesterday morning. Squee....

Ta da.......the new Mr. Washy is here. It had to spend the morning outside while The Mister and I got the place ready for it. Like big dummies we didn't think to measure the height with the lid open so we had to move shelves. We also had to remove doors to get it where it needed to be. 

I've already done 3 loads and I love the thing but it's so tall and deep I can barely reach down and pull the wet stuff out. I have to get up on my tippy toes and bend way over into it. The Mister might find me head first in it one

Speaking of wishy washy, this week's Inktober projects don't look too bad all together like this but working on them was anything but fun after a day of slinging wet laundry. My hands are a disaster-broken nails, chapped skin and what I think is a sprained thumb. Ouch. 
Anyway they did get done-all but TRAP. I made the mistake of Googling the word and freaked out by what I saw. Ugh.
There is ROCKET (the cute little space shuttle), STORM (geomagnetic and snow), DIZZY ( I tried and failed to copy the VERTIGO poster), CHEF (I stole Babish's logo), CORAL (I had to work from a photo because I realized I had no idea what coral looked like), SLEEP (my go-to sleep aid channel Lepreezy on YouTube) and finally RIP ( I know it was supposed to be rip but my pandemic brain went to REST IN PEACE and COVID of course). 
One more week.....can you believe it? October flew by.



  1. I'm so glad the washer arrived. It sounds like you may need a step-stool. It looks much like the washer I had to leave behind at the house although the one in the trailer is working out very well so far.
    Take care my friend.

  2. Hooray on the washer! You might need a step to use to reach all the way in! Great work on the Inktober--I'm not happy that I got behind but it happened....

  3. I agree that October has absolutely flown past - I can't even remember too much of what I've done this month! So happy you got a new washer! That's really going to make things easier!

  4. WaHoo! Glad the washer arrived. Please tell us after you use it a while if you like not having a center agitator.

  5. I have a small step stool and also a small box I turn upside down when I wash my hair in the makes me just the few inches tall so I can avoid boob squish:) Good that you got a washer!

  6. LOL, I can't believe how badly I want to Google "trap" now and also how afraid I am to do it. LOL
    Yay for the new washer! They must be making them taller these days. My MIL's new one is deep like that. I can barely reach the bottom of it and I'm TALL and have long monkey arms. Hope your thumb is better.