Friday, October 16, 2020

Less is More


I had a day to myself yesterday while The Mister golfed. I decided not to do much of anything again. I did get my new Halloween puzzle started. 

I found another one that I liked and it arrived a few days ago. I think this one will be perfect for November.

Here are this week's Inktober projects. I have a HOPE floating bear (that I made of mess of when I painted it), a jar of DISGUSTING apple butter (not a fan), a SLIPPERY when wet sign (that was a total cop out), the cover of the book DUNE (because I can't draw an actual dune), a suit of ARMOR (that was a lot of fun to draw) and an OUTPOST (that didn't turn out as bad as I thought). The one thing I learned this week is to walk away from the project before you think you should. I was having way too much fun with some of them this week and they were NOT the better for it. 

Speaking of NOT better. Now my new washer won't be delivered until NEXT Friday. Ugh. Nine days without a washer? I was already up to my ears in laundry. Oh, well....the off the grid folks do this crazy stuff all the time. I can manage. 

At least the dryer is working. I can drip dry a load overnight and then toss it in the dryer in the morning. Sounds like a plan. And btw...that cheap little drying rack I bought from Ikea a few years ago was worth every penny. I wish I had two of them. One for each tub.


  1. It's fun to see the different ideas you artists who are doing Inktober are coming up with. Such talented ladies. I don't have an imagination at all.
    I know what you mean about a drying rack. I bought a cheap $9.99 rack for the lake several years ago to dry our swimsuits and towels on. I have used it for the past several months to dry our clothes here at the RV. I plan to put it in front of the fireplace or heating vent this winter. The washer works GREAT here in the trailer, but the dryer takes about twice as long. I really don't want to pay that kind of electric bill.

  2. Nice Inktober drawings - I love homemade apple butter, especially the kind that is heated in the oven. I used to make a turkey roasting pan full of apple butter and then seal it in jars. Yummy,

  3. I like the sugar skull puzzle. The colors are nice and it looks like it's be intriguing. Love all the inktober pieces, but Hope bear is imaginative and made me smile! You will definitely feel like a washer is a luxury after hand washing!

  4. I really love your Inktober drawings; actually jealous because my drawing skills are notoriously sad!
    I bought a tripod stand that opens up and has a two-tier system so you can hang your clothes on it with clothes hangers. It holds quite a lot of drying and I like having the clothes on hangers while they're drying. And yes, it lessens the electric bill!

  5. I can definitely manage without a dryer. But without a washer... now that makes you my hero!
    The only things that get washed by hand around here are the woolies, and that's more of a gentle soak than a wash!

  6. Your INKTOBER drawing/paintings are fantastic!!! I love your outpost--it is the kind of ink and watercolor I like best!

  7. You are an artist! You need big rocks in a stream to wash clothing by hand:)

  8. Not sure I could do your November puzzle. I'd be making trips to the kitchen between placing each puzzle piece. Your drawings are awesome! Love the suit of armor. I have a 'thing' for knights. I'm so sorry your washer is taking so long to arrive.