Friday, October 30, 2020


Well look what finally showed up. My new dryer. I gave up on Lowes and went Home Depot. Was the process any better? No. 

Of course it showed up yesterday morning when we had the remnants of a hurricane on top of us. Lots of wind. Lots and lots of rain. It dropped buckets on us all darn day. What a mess.

It was wrapped in plastic so we had the delivery guys leave it outside until we could figure out where to put it. We never got the old one out because the delivery people didn't call us to tell us they were coming. They just showed up. The cord also didn't show up. Home depot shipped the dryer and the cord separately and Fedex didn't show up with the cord until dinner time. Sigh. It's been too much drama. None of this bodes well for the kitchen does it?

In knitting news, Altheda has only 2 more colorwork rows on the yoke to go and then it's all stockinette. Lots of mindless knitting. Yay.

Bubbles is done-minus the front bands. I have to tackle all the ends first and there is about a zillion inside of it.

Since it's Friday Felines....if anyone ever asks me what I did in the pandemic I'll have just one answer. FEED CATS. Here is the latest outside kitty's new trick. He climbs up on the grill and bangs on the window until I notice his bowl is empty. Sigh. Everyone of the cats has become a monster. I've spoiled them all rotten. 


  1. Altheda is gorgeous! That will be so cozy this winter. We use a small Mom & Pop appliance store for our appliances. They may be a little pricier, but they are very dependable. Still raining here too...I may be growing gills and webbing between my toes.

  2. Glad the new dryer and the cord arrived. List the old one online with Next Door or Freecycle and someone who needs one will gladly take it off your hands.

  3. That kitty looks like he means business! You better get out there with his food...NOW! :-)
    I'm so glad you FINALLY have a washer and a dryer now. I'm sorry it was drama too. I sure hope you can begin the work on your kitchen soon. You've been so much more patient than I would be. I would go crazy-pants with no kitchen for so long.
    The knitting is wonderful! Altheda is beautiful. I'm always in such awe of your mad colorwork skills.

  4. It's almost to be expected for the cord to be shipped separately from the appliance...I cannot figure out how that would make sense in any situation!
    Lovely knitting! Looks warm and toasty as well as beautiful!
    I am sitting here thinking up funny captions for the kitty picture - Love the expression!

  5. Deb, you will be richly rewarded for your charity work with those cats.
    Im sorry about the washer drama. When is Jupiter moving out of Sagittarius or some such jargon

  6. I love the look on kitty's face!!! I have one outside feral that is so sweet. And patient. But I went out the other day to feed him and he had a visitor. A beautiful black kitty with orange eyes. This kitty would not look me in the eye. Kinda creeped me out! But him/her and his/her eyes were just beautiful. It wouldn't come to me and just sauntered off underneath the gate as if it had lived here for a while. Haven't seen him/her since. The look on your kitty's face kind of reminded me of Bo's (black with orange}. (Is it bad I've already named it??} :)

  7. Yoke sweaters! I love them and they are what I've been drawn to lately. I may have to look into the Altheda pattern. It looks very nice! I'm glad that you finally have a dryer, even though it came unannounced.

  8. Yeah for a new dryer! That kitty looks mad! Better put out a self feeder:)

  9. Sorry for the dryer drama--so much unnecessary chaoIs! I laughed at the cat looking in the window--he is like the sandhill cranes that tap my patio doors! With Bill gone, I am spending a lot more time on cat care--they are also demanding! lol

  10. That last photo of the cat is hilarious. He's got SO much attitude! I'm so sorry about all the dryer woes but I'm glad you finally got it at least. Your sweater is going to be beautiful and hopefully the endless stockinette will be a relaxing project for you.