Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Tiny Needle Tuesday


I am still marching across the lawn. I have two more grid blocks to go on this row. Don't ask how many more rows there are. I don't want to think about it.

I've got more border done on each side and two birds have now joined the menagerie.

I've finished the leaves and now get to do the branchy things on the crewel thing. I am learning two new stitches. The stem stitch and the satin stitch. I had the stem stitch going really well until I noticed that I was sewing the side fabric to the back. 

I would love to say the end is in sight for the hand quilting project but at least I can see the end...of the quilt. I am on the row next to the last row but I still have to go all the way around. 

Of course the machine quilting is moving along faster. I am on the last row which is always interesting because I get carried away when I get close to the end of the material and usually end up making a mess of some sort. Yesterday I ran out of bobbin thread right when I had just a smidgen to do. I hate when that happens.



  1. I'm loving your cross-stitch right now. I can't wait to get Piper's sweaters done so I can get back to stitching on the Sheep Virtues. It seems like they've been put away for far too long because other pressing projects keep coming up. Whenever Piper asks me for something though, that comes first!
    Take care Debra and stay well.

  2. Oh gosh! I hate when the bobbin runs out of thread on any sewing project. And it is always just about at the end of a project. Love your stitching - all of your projects are so beautiful.

  3. Oh no! Accidentally sewing the side of the fabric sounds like something I'd do and I don't think I've ever sewed a seam with my machine where I didn't run out of bobbin thread. Love all your projects but specially your cross stitch tree.

  4. running out of bobbin right before the very end is the worst!

  5. Empty bobbins are my nemesis - I usually manage to “air stitch” happily for quite a while before I notice. Love all your projects!

  6. Your projects are all so beautiful! I love seeing the progression each week. I just finished machine quilting a fall quilt. I laughed about you stitching the side fabric to the back of your crewel project. I almost always have one place where I have my quilt backing folded back and caught in a line of quilting.

  7. Wow. So many projects. I love the little sheep in the first one!

  8. Projects are looking good! I always run out of bobbin thread when I am on the last 6" so it must be a 'rule'.