Monday, October 5, 2020

Nothing to See Here


The only thing I have to show for the whole weekend is my puzzle. It's done. 

I had some questions about it when I posted about it the other day. Yes, it's small. Very small.
I work it on an old cork board so I can move it off the table when I need the space. 

They are Puzzlebugs and I get them from Ebay for around $6. This one is up next and it's my last one. I'll need to go look for more. They are so addicting. 

I did ink the Inktober Radio prompt. I used my old Grundig Shortwave as a model. I love that thing. Thanks to the internet you can't pick up anything on it anymore but it still works if you want to hear static. 


  1. My goodness those puzzles look difficult. I'm NOT a puzzle person at all. That drawing is perfect. It looks just like your radio! If it tried it, it would probably end up looking like a kitchen sink or something.

  2. Those puzzles are cute! I like that they are small enough you can easily move them.

  3. This is a beautiful way to make something mundane look really good! Great job!

  4. Okay, I seriously had a laugh-out-loud moment when I read the last line of your post this morning! Thanks!

  5. I recall at first you didn't like the small you are addicted! Your radio drawing is way cool:)