Sunday, October 25, 2020

You've Got to Be Kidding Me


So the new washer was delivered Friday morning and the matching dryer was supposed to show up yesterday morning. We got the confirmation the night before so when the phone rang at 7:30 am we were ready. The Mister had already unhooked the old dryer and drug it out to the curb but...... wasn't the delivery company saying they were on their way. They were telling us they didn't have the dryer. It was out of stock. They would call us later in the week to let us know when it would be available. A VERY unhappy Mister had to drag the old dryer back in the house and hook it all back up. Having no washer is one thing. No dryer? Can't be done with humidity still in the high 80's.

There was a lot of grumbling about it between us all morning and then THIS happened. They sent me an email telling me the order had been CANCELLED. CANCELLED? Why? It took another half hour of phone wrangling to find out no one knew why but it was cancelled. Grrrrrrr........Now I need to start the process all over again. At least we got the old dryer up and running.

On a happier note it looks like fall has finally shown up in our neck of the woods. It's still too hot and humid but looking out of the window from my AC chilled house I can pretend.

I've even got some blooming stuff. I forget what this is but the front bed is full of it and it looks so pretty with the fallen leaves. 
Happy fall ya'll!


  1. Ugh that's frustrating. Mercury is in retrograde, so I'd blame him!

    I think your little purple flower is a type of aster

  2. Aren’t you glad you didn’t let them haul the dryer away with the old washer! I hope you can straighten things out and get the new dryer delivered soon.

  3. That is certainly not a good way to start your day! Hope you are able to obtain the matching dryer. Everything seems to be a challenge these days.

  4. My mom had the same thing happen with Lowes but with a refrigerator.
    They still wanted her to pay for it so she called the state AOG office, matter fixed.

  5. Oh now! I'm so sorry about the dryer. Maybe it's the Gods telling you not to bother spending money on a new one right now. On the flip side, a lot of manufacturers are not producing new appliances because of covid. My husband is a builder and he had a Terrible time finding appliances for the last house he built.
    Your flowers are beautiful and so cheerful!

  6. Oh my goodness! What a mess for you to have to deal with. I'm so sorry. Your new washer looks great though!

  7. Very pretty Aster! What an adventure you have been on!

  8. It's so frustrating! I hope you can get one just like what you wanted from another seller! I remember the pretty little astors of Fall!