Friday, October 2, 2020



I knit this sweater two years ago and yesterday I got the bug to frog it. 

I never wore it. It was too big and boxy-and pink cables? Nope. They were just so wrong

Ripping it out was not as easy or as fast as I thought. First I started at the wrong end. I had to look at the pattern to figure out it was a bottom up sweater. Then I got this weird thing happening where I had to pick out all the stitches in the third row to get to the live stitches. That left me with this band of...something? How did this happen? I have no idea but it's in the trash now. 

It took forever to sort that weird stuff out but once I did it felt good to see it unravel. Sometimes you want to make stuff and sometimes you just want to tear it up. 

I probably could have got it finished sooner if I hadn't been looking at patterns for the yarn at the same time I was ripping it out. It's got two sweaters ahead of it that I need to finish first so it's getting put back into the stash even though I really, really have the bug to cast on something nice and simple with it. The stockinette parts were so pretty I felt a little sad pulling them out.


  1. Ohhhhhhh. That's heartbreaking. But I guess if you know you're not going to wear it you may as well frog it and make something that you WILL wear. Those cables were so nice and neat too.

  2. Oh wow! Not sure I could have done that...

  3. Let it rest, and then knit a pattern you love and will wear.

  4. I hope you feel better now...all that work...but I hope it is something real pretty some day:)

  5. Good for you!!!!! Why not make it into something lovely and enjoy knitting it and wearing it!