Saturday, October 10, 2020

Marking Time


It is hard to believe that 10 days have gone by in the month of October but here are my Inktober projects to prove it. I've been through nine prompts so far. Today is HOPE. I have no idea what that is going to look like yet. I'm sure something will come to me. 

I must confess I was feeling a little put out about committing myself at first. I am not feeling particularly creative but now I am having fun with it. I think my knitting rodent in a bowl of yarn is pretty darn cute. 

I'm not giving it much time or thought. I just dash off something in a few minutes. I'm not even changing out my watercolors like I said I would. I started using this stacking set and I've been sticking with them. I bought them to take with me when I used to travel back and forth to kitty or dog sit every few months. Remember those days when people went on vacations? I hardly do anymore. 

Being in the art room reminds me that I really need to finish the Christmas card project I started in July. I need 25. I've got 9.

Back in early summer I thought I'd have plenty of time during the pandemic to get them done. Little did I know. The pre-pandemic me needs to have a talk with the pandemic me because nothing turned out like I thought it would. Time used to go fast. It goes faster now. 


  1. Isn't that the truth? I keep thinking I'll get so much done because I have a smaller house to clean but the day is gone before I know it.
    My favorite is the knitting rodent in a bowl too. Very creative.

  2. I love your Inktober work!!!!!!! I'm so glad you are sticking with it--see what you had in you and you didn't even realize it! And your're right, the mouse in your yarn bowl is perfection!

  3. You are a wonderful artist!
    I put off a project that I want to finish for Christmas and have just now picked it up again. Hard to stay motivated during this pandemic (at least that is what I am blaming it on!) Could be I am just a bit lazy?!? Glad I have picked it up again! Good luck with your Christmas cards! You can do it!!

  4. Your Inktober work is great! You can draw girl! I have lost my mojo the past couple of days...hope it comes back soon:)

  5. Your sketches are great. I think your knitting rodent is pretty darn cute, too!
    I don't want to hear that time goes faster in retirement, but I wouldn't be surprised. Zoom work days go very slowly.

  6. I think all creative minds have their WIPs. I know that I do! The little mouse in the yarn bowl is really cute.

  7. This is so pretty! I only dream about watercoloring... Liana

  8. Isn't it funny how fast covid time is flying by? You'd think it would crawl at a snail's pace but Nope!
    Wow! I love the water color sketches. I think the sharks' teeth might be my favorite. It brings back childhood memory of hunting for them with my dad.