Sunday, November 1, 2020

Hello November!


Halloween was a bust. I just couldn't get into it this year. I did finish stitching the kitty part of the Button Eyed Cat project. He's a bit orthodontically challenged I'm afraid. That's what you get when you do half of the smile in 2019 and the other half in 2020. He's now getting packed away until 2021.

I also finished the Day of the Dead puzzle. It only had 300 pieces which is just about my speed right at the moment. I need to order more of those. 

Inktober's over and I'm kinda sad. This week I had to do DIG (a bulldozer), BUDDY (where I found out I can't draw dogs no matter how many tutorials I watched), SHOES (my Crocs collection of course), HIDE (from a photo of Danny running thru the Shining maze), MUSIC (Woodstock-what else? I'm a boomer), FLOAT (the Macy's turkey float), OMINOUS (the US Covid graph, gulp) and finally CRAWL (I just had a very unfortunate incident with a giant spider in the bathtub. Unfortunate for me not it. It's outside and just fine. It will take me a while to recover however).

Now the whole collection goes in the box with the other three year's worth. I'm never very impressed by the quality but I sure am by the quantity. It's quite a pile. 

I also need to thank Jeannie of Jeannie Gray Knits for sending these to me. It's a double pointed needle holder made from fabric that looks like a watercolor swatch. How darn cool is that? The band is a wrist ruler. You know that will come in handy. I never have one when I need one. Thanks Jeannie! That was most generous and very appreciated. 


  1. I love all your little inkings!
    And kitty's smile looks just fine to me!

  2. I really love Button Eyed Cat and look forward to seeing him and the progress next fall. I think your Inktober collection is pretty impressive.

  3. All your drawing days are over ...I bet you could do another month! Onto November!!

  4. Your drawing are great! I wish I could draw more than a stick figure.
    I did a double take at the dpn holder. I was sure it was a set of paints!

  5. Very very cool gift. If she made it I am so impressed!

    1. Nope, I wish, but I can not sew a stitch. A friend from my knitting group makes and sells them.

  6. A new month and if it goes as fast as the other 10----hang on for the ride! The inkings look great all spread out! Make a nice poster of them for your sewing room wall!

  7. You are so welcome and you deserve a lot more than that for what you did for me.
    How can you put all your pretty paintings away in a box? Most of them deserve to be on a wall! You are so talented!