Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Tiny Needle Tuesday


After getting the grin on the Halloween kitty this week I only managed to get one 5 by 10 stitch block done on the big sampler. It's not much but it's something. Stitching time has been hard to come by. 

We had an early morning grocery delivery yesterday morning so it was "use it up day".  I made soup out of all the old vegetables in the bin to make way for the new.

I also had eggs, cake mix and frosting to use up. I've been only using half a box at a time because we really don't need a whole cake or a whole tray of cupcakes anymore. I made a mini cake (that's a 6 inch pan) and a few cupcakes of which some got eaten before I even got the half tub of frosting out of the fridge. 

The last delivery was scary but this one was better. LOOK what I got. The dairy manager has been trying to get me spumoni ice cream for years. Last night he called The Mister to say that he finally had some for me. I LOVE spumoni ice cream. I used to always buy myself a container for my birthday. It's not my birthday yet but this is making me feel like celebrating. 

AND I got an email yesterday saying that my vote was counted. I LOVE mail in voting. I got notified when my ballot was picked up from the drop box. I got one when it was sent to the election board and now one to say it was officially counted. We even got our choice of a digital sticker designed by Maryland students. 
Happy election day everyone......stay safe. 


  1. All that food looks wonderful! And ice cream!!! Love your election sticker.

  2. Congrats on the icecream! That's a great treat!

  3. I love it when I get something really special to enjoy - I've never had spumoni ice cream but it does sound yummy!
    I was very impressed with the ability to track my vote - very cool!

  4. COol sticker!!!! I love your stitchwork and i have not had Spimoni in years. Are there Cherries in it? I think that was why I didnt like it as a kid..??
    Stay safef you too!

  5. Oooh, that soup looks yummy! It may be time for me to make soup and freeze individual servings. Love your election sticker!

  6. I have never had spumoni ice cream...it looks like Neopolitan but different. :)

  7. The soup looks good! I'm glad they had your ice cream-I've never heard of it!

  8. I'm coming to your house! Soup, cupcakes and ice cream. Yum!
    I was so surprised at my voting experience yesterday. I was expecting long lines but there was only one other person there voting. Took me longer to drive to my polling place than it did for me to vote. And they were giving away free masks and hand sanitizer. Glad I never checked "vote early" off my to-do list. :)