Monday, November 9, 2020

A Sew Sew Sunday


After all the drama of the last few days it was nice to lock myself in the sewing room and shut out the world. I tried to finish the quilting on the little Awesome quilt but I started getting tired so it will have to wait.

I also made Daughter some more masks. She sent me some fabric and ear thingys and asked if I could make her a few more. I am pretty bad at it but I can't say no. One of these may save her life someday. She's always complaining about the folks at her rink who refuse to take any of the safety regulations seriously. I worry. Really worry. I follow the Faces of Covid on Twitter and the faces get younger and younger every day.

Funny story......I decided to change the blade on my cutter before I started working on the masks and noticed that I didn't have one but TWO blades on the cutter. Apparently they stick together and I hadn't really noticed. After changing the blade (s) the cutter kept shredding the material for some reason so I took the new blade off to see what was going on. If guessed I had two blades on it AGAIN. You would be correct. It works just fine now. 


  1. Life is scary these days. Mandy said the vast majority of rapid tests she did last weekend came back positive. That scare the dickens out of me. She's that close to such really sick people. She assures me that she's covered head to toe in PPE but to a Mom, it doesn't make much difference. I still worry. It's in our DNA. :-)
    Take care my friend. We will get through this.
    Your masks look great. I should make some more but I don't like the pattern I used before. I want to make the ones that fit the shape of your nose. My glasses fog up so much with the other ones.

  2. The ear things looked like pot holder loops to me! lol Nice colors for the masks--I think they are going to be part of our wardrobes for a long time!

  3. That's a pretty quilt and pretty fabric for masks too. And yes, numbers are going up. Hopefully not for long. I see more and more folks bing so casual about masks is scary.

  4. I’ve done the same when changing rotary cutter blades. I’ve learned to squiggle the blade between my fingers to see if the oil has adhered two blades together. What are the ear loops? They look comfy.

    1. They are baby headbands that you cut in half to make the bands. They aren't fun to sew but it's what Daughter asked for.

  5. Nice masks! Keep making them as I suspect we will be needing them for a long time:(

  6. Oh we need those masks. I suspect I will find a thanksgiving Turkey mask either being worn or for sale soon. We have to find a silver lining the psychiatrists who write for Dr. Kevin