Saturday, November 14, 2020

Say What?

 "baby boomers are going to get abused and treated like garbage in the retirement homes. Literally everyone hates baby boomers now. Maybe you boomers shouldn't have been so selfish and arrogant and greedy. Enjoy those retirement homes, and good luck, boomers!"

Someone left this comment on my blog the other day. I didn't publish it but I did think about it- a lot. 

It's funny how your idea of who you are and what other people think you are can collide so spectacularly.

Selfish? Greedy? We were all so poor by today's standards and always fighting for a better world. We ended the draft. Got rid of Nixon. Marched for Civil Rights. Started the Women's Lib's movement.  Greenpeace was founded in 1971 for crying out loud. I see us as the Woodstock Generation all peace and love but it seems that others see us as........

Really? It would never have occurred to me to blame my parent's generation-The Greatest Generation for my failures but it seems the Boomers are fair game.  We never agreed with our parents but respected their contributions and then mobilized to re-make the world the way we wanted it to be. 

Who said we "collected" wealth? I remember working my behind off for everything I have and what I have isn't much. I never had a new car until I was in my late 30's. I had student debt even though I went to a local community college and lived at home. Our adult lives were all about the kids. We gave them so much more than our parents were ever able to give us which was pretty much nothing but love and a full belly.

Sure, there are rotten Boomers just like their are rotten folks of every generation but painting us all with the same brush is just silly. It does make me mad to see how apathetic the younger generations are about the things we fought so hard to give them. For crying out loud, how hard is it to vote? Ever wonder why the folks in DC are so darn old? It's because us boomers keep voting the same old fools in. Don't like it? Vote them out. I for one would love to see it. I'm tired of them too.

I don't know who you are Anonymous but you it seems you've got some things you need to work out. And don't'll also be old one day and your kids won't think much of you either. It's not a lot of fun being constantly judged by standards that didn't even exist for most of your life. 


  1. Your last sentence says it all, regardless of age.

  2. I agree with you. That comment comes up in a lot of blogs - I think it is one of those "bots" posted to annoy us.
    Every generation has good and bad. What works best is kindness - and this "bot" doesn't do that. Just delete or ignore!

  3. I have gotten that same exact comment, and a few others like it too. Like you, I've just deleted them. I could echo most of your post so I won't say much except that it's pitiful to anonymously attack someone who has never done a thing to you and worked HARD their entire life.
    I worked full-time from age 14 until 52. That's right. All through middle and high school I worked the 3:00-midnight shift at a nursing home. I still managed to go to school every day and get excellent grades. No one has handed us a thing. No inheritances. No college educations. No cars. No houses. We paid for it all. I get so frustrated at the entitlement out there. And I'll shut up now. :-)
    Blessings my friend,

  4. I think the fact that they posted anonymously says all you need to know about the person who posted it.
    While I understand some of the sentiment... it's not that boomers didn't have to work hard, it's the the wages compared to cost of living were more in line... and some boomers (not all, by any means) have a tendency to have a very condescending attitude towards millennial... saying things like "You should have no trouble buying a house by the time you're 30... you just eat too much avocado toast!" When in fact, so many housing markets are way out of reach because of housing bubbles, coupled with stagnant wages, coupled with the gig economy. It's not quite the same now as it was when most boomers were coming out of school and starting families.
    That said, I've met plenty of Millenials who expect a $100,000 a year job straight out of college.
    Try not to take this asshat to heart, it sounds like a bored internet troll, trying to rile people up.

  5. I received that exact comment now twice, must be some sort of robo/bot comment thing. I kind of chuckled about it. Who would waste their time leaving this comment everywhere?

  6. Your words hit home with me in so many ways. I recently had a similar experience in an online book group (books are recommended, sometimes reviewed) that I've been participating with in a small way since the inception of the site. I asked a question about the topic of a book concerning communication between generations. One poster shot back that my generation is now "irrelevant". I was truly stunned. Sadly, I decided to stop participation in the site because I didn't want to allow myself to possibly be hurt in such a way again.
    I'm stunned that anyone would leave such a bizarre comment on your blog. It doesn't make any sense to me at all.

  7. I got those comments too...then I started moderating comments and he /she went away. :(

  8. I like your response--I take responsibility for myself and I think drive and excellence is lacking too often--good for you to think about it and put up this post! Which of us got to choose to be a Boomer anyway, I'd like to know?!