Monday, November 30, 2020

On the Needles


I never think I have much time to knit anymore until I look at what I've actually got on the needles. Socks. I finished another pair of man socks and have almost finished my Arne and Carlos Pairfect Pair. They were supposed to be man socks too but I think they are too small. Same number of stitches as the other pair. Different needle. Size matters.

Pimpeliesse is on the decrease side. It's prettier than it is in this photo. My camera doesn't do orange very well. 

I found a sweater that I had started for Pup last year but never finished. I'm finishing it now.

Altheda finally looks like a sweater but it's all plain knitting from here on and since that's no fun......

... I started Festive Doodle. It has four colors. To keep them tangle free I've got them in a box instead of a bag and it's working very well.

What I am strangely excited about is my folding knitting stand. It's not new. I've had it forever and ever. I have no idea where I got it but it's been living in a closet for years. It was covered with cat hair and terribly filthy. It got a good clean up and I love using it again. I feel so vintage carrying it from room to room to sit and knit where ever I land. If this thing could talk I'm sure it would have some tales to tell. I'm pretty sure a lot of baby sweaters came out of it-which means I have had it for over 40 years. Wow. 


  1. I had a very similar knitting stand. My was white and I used it all of the time. It was one of the things I gave away when we down-sized. I hope someone else is loving it as much as I did.
    Your knitting progress is amazing. You always get so much done so quickly. The sweaters are beautiful and so are the socks. I like the orange in the Pimpeliesse too. I don't know why I rarely knit with orange.
    More snow on the way tomorrow but since we've had a string of 4 days in the low 40's and sunshine I can't complain about it.
    Take care.

  2. Nice to have some man socks finished! The colors are great! The orange shawl will be quite the pop of color-just what you need this winter. The 'almost antique' knitting bag is so handy and pretty, too!

  3. I have one of those "knitting stands" but mine is not vintage, and it's not used for knitting. I have it in the bathroom and it holds spare rolls of toilet paper, lol!

  4. Such wonderful autumn colours! Liana

  5. Your knitting is so colorful and cheerful - perfect for Winter. I had a similar knitting bag years ago. I have no idea what happened to it. Yours is in very good condition. Happy knitting!

  6. You have lots on your needles! All pretty projects too! I like just plain knitting!

  7. So much beautiful knitting! I just love the colors and combinations found in wool - just looking at it is soothing to my brain!

  8. Very pretty knit catcher. I love your dog sweater! i love your top down sweater detail!! Deb, you are a great knitter

  9. It's all beautiful but those sweaters will be gorgeous! Love the knitting bag/stand thing. I'd love to have one of those. My aunt, an avid knitter, had one. I remember her showing up for holiday dinners, plopping the knitting bag on the floor and knitting away until it was time to eat.

  10. I have an amazing number of UFOs to keep me busy, but I am also working on my stash of yarn which means more Wips and a number of finishes. Happy Knitting! BTW, I love that project bag!