Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Sweater Weather


Finally. It was cool enough to put on some real clothes. I took my new Mosi out for a walk and I LOVE it. It fits, it's comfortable, it's not itchy, it covers everything I want covered. Did I say I love it? I really, really do and I don't say that often about sweaters. I am terrible at them.

I love it so much that now I want to get started on Festive Doodle. It's a similar pattern with a lot more color. The reason I hadn't started it yet is that every time I go to Knit Picks to get the main color it's sold out. I finally got what I needed today and as soon as it's here I'm diving in.

While everyone was off voting I took my new sweater for a walk on the Chesapeake Railroad Trail. The place was deserted. 

We did get to see a crab boat unload and power wash his pots. 

It was such a gorgeous day we went down to the boardwalk. It also was deserted. It was weird but I'm not complaining. 

When I got home I had packages to open. Wrapped in all this space age filler was..........

.....a box of See's chocolates. When The Mister saw where the package came from I swear he did a happy dance. He loves this stuff. Thank you Mary!!! It was a BIG surprise and most appreciated. 

I also had something to open that I had bought for myself. Whenever I run out of floss I have to order it so of course I have to add something fun to the cart. 

Of course it's going to the back of the line. I still have this one I bought two years ago that's all kitted up and ready to go that still hasn't been touched. So many patterns, so little time but this might just be its year. Isn't it pretty? 


  1. I love that last sampler. It's beautiful. The deserted boardwalks are eeriely empty. Kind of spooky but I'm glad you were able to get out and enjoy the weather.
    But best of all is that sweater. Oh my goodness Debbie, you are gorgeous in it. Seriously gorgeous. It fits perfectly. It "almost" makes me want to try colorwork. I only have about 50 lbs. to lose before I let myself knit a fancy sweater like that for me.
    Take care my friend.

  2. LOVE your Mosi! Perfect and it looks so good on you. So nice you were able to get out for a walk - fresh air is the best, and what a pretty place to walk. Love your latest stitching acquisition!!

  3. That's awesome!
    It's been cold here for days - I finally caved and put the heat on this past weekend and a frost took out my gardens. Of course now the temps are skyrocketing - supposed to be about 80 by Saturday.

  4. Oh, the sweater looks wonderful!!!!!I'm so glad it was a huge success! The scenes along your walk are so pretty-I could almost smell the sea!

  5. Your sweater looks Fantastic on you! So glad you were able to get out for a nice walk. I got chill bumps just thinking about the power washer spray though. Love the new cross stitch.

  6. Most looks fabulous on you! Have fun with the new sweater and the pretty cross-stitch.

  7. I love Jardin Prive patterns, they are fun to stitch. Liana