Thursday, November 12, 2020

Mail Call


Altheda has been in time out because I couldn't find my large stitch holders. It was time to separate for the sleeves and I had no idea what I did with them after I finished Mosi.

Amazon came to the rescue once again with this nifty kit. Now I have plenty of everything. 

I also got another delivery from 123 stitch. I ran our of rust colored floss for the Tree of Life sampler and I couldn't just put it in the cart. This Quaker sampler came along for the ride. I like that it is almost all in one color with some touches of red and gold here and there. I would have liked to start this in December but I forgot to add the floss and the fabric to the cart. 

Someone asked me about the ear loops on the masks I've been making. Daughter sent these to me. They are infant headbands. You cut them to about 6" and sew them into your mask. 

I got a few more made today. Daughter wanted some fall colored ones. Now she is already talking about finding some ice skating themed material for winter. If anyone could turn masks into a fashion statement it would be Daughter. 


  1. I have oodles of stitch holders but they were never where I thought they were when I needed one. At least here in the RV I have one place I keept them. So far, so good.
    Love that Quaker sampler. I can't wait to get back to cross-stitch. I have one more Christmas gift I'm knitting right now and then I'll be done with that and can cross-stitch the sheep virtues once again. It has been sitting patiently in my bag next to my chair all this time. :-)

  2. Pretty masks and Quaker Christmas is a gorgeous sampler! Your knitting is always so beautiful - love your colorwork.

  3. Thanks for the information on the ear loops. I’m still struggling to find elastic. The sampler is gorgeous! It would take me a decade to stitch.

  4. That's a great idea for the elastic on the masks.

  5. Very cool idea for the ear loops--I think sleeves from old t-shirts would work, too! Great inspiration! The new needlework looks incredible!

  6. Aw you are wonderful to make and share how they work best. I do thing lots of folks have tried to make cute masks, but some of them even store purchased, just don't stay on. Althedea is amazing Deb!