Thursday, November 5, 2020

Woolly Wonders

I was so giddy with love for my Mosi that I got up early yesterday morning while the house was quiet and learned how to do a three needle bind off. That gold is now the contrasting shoulder seam. The center is the steek. I am going to need a very quiet day to do the reinforcing and cutting of that steek but I don't see that on the horizon. Maybe Sunday.

In sock news, the two at a time man socks were very naughty this week. I had to separate them and do the heels-twice. I made some really stupid mistakes which I have come to realize is just the way things are these days. Fix it and move on. 

Pimpeliesse is starting to show some color-like the leaves outside. In my head I pronounce this pim-pell-e-esse. I had to laugh at a comment that said they couldn't knit this pattern because they pronounced it pimple-ease and that's just gross. I have to admit for the longest time I pronounced it that way too. I have no idea which one is right, I just like the version I made up better.

Speaking of comments, I got a few about my spumoni ice cream. It's an Italian Christmas tradition in my house. It's chocolate, pistachio and a cherry flavor that is full of candied fruit. For the record, I am not Italian.  Not at all. We just lived with an Italian woman and her two sons when I was little so I grew up with Italian on the brain. My parents were 17 and 21 when I was born and they shared a big old Victorian house with a young widow who lived across the street from my grandmother. We moved to our own house when I was six so I had plenty of time to marinate in the culture of the old world. Buon appetito!



  1. I'm sure I'm saying it wrong too and I always spell it differently each time I write it. I frogged mine today and it felt oddly freeing as I ripped weeks of knitting out in only a few minutes!
    Steeking is so scary. You are a very, very brave woman my friend. Especially with that gorgeous knitting. I know you will do it perfectly though.
    I really like spumoni ice cream too but haven't had it for a long, long time. When we lived in Omaha there was a restaurant that always served you spumoni ice cream in a little silver cup at the end of the meal. You didn't order it or anything, it just showed up. Yum! The owner has died now and the restaurent closed. They made the best seafood linguine there.

  2. I love a three needle bind off. I've never though of doing it in a contrast colour - that's cool!

    I think your pronunciation of the pimply-shawl thing is right. I always pronounce it pimple-knees, because my brain likes to throw in random letters so I see it as Pimpleniesse unless I closely.

  3. You've got this--the new sweater will be another huge success! I say the shawl differently, too, because the obvious is horrid! What is this with the stupid mistakes?! Good thing we notice it and know what to do about it!

  4. The ice cream sounds delicious! Love your sweater. I've never steeked...I think I would be too nervous.

  5. Steeking is intimidating. I took a class at a fiber festival and I “think” I remember the basics, but the idea if cutting months or even years of knitting is frightening.

  6. OMG! That Pim-pell-e-esse is gorgeous! And thank you for a new way to pronounce it!
    I can't wait to see the sweater cut and finished. I can't quite figure out why there's only a little bit to cut. It sure is pretty though.

  7. My mother used to buy spumoni ice cream when I was little! It looks amazing. Love all your knitting, but especially the color work one that you're going to steek.

  8. Thanks for explaining about the ice cream! All your fiber projects look great!