Saturday, November 7, 2020



I've finally got the humidity inside down to a reasonable number so I decided to do some blocking. 

I've always meant to mention that I added something to the Pimpeliesse pattern. I add a row of yarnover/k2 togs to the top border so I can thread my blocking wires in easily. I always made a real mess of it trying to pin that straight edge before I thought of doing it. 

I actually blocked two of them yesterday so now I have three all ready to go. They drape so beautifully after a good blocking. I was never a fan of garter stitch until I started blocking it. Now I just need some cool weather but I'm not complaining. We've had several amazing days which we more than deserve after the horrible summer we had. 


  1. I love seeing all of your shawls hanging on the wall. So pretty. I ripped my last one out and will reknit it soon. I liked reading about your adding the y/o K2 tog. I wondered if I was missing something after all of the shawls I've made. It gives a nice little detail to that side of the shawl.
    I'm glad you've had good weather. I even had the RV door open for a couple of days all day long. Yesterday it started the cool down and today was just the low 40's. By Mon & Tues, possible s**w again. That's a 4-letter word I don't like very well. :-)
    Enjoy the beautiful weather. You've earned it!

  2. Those colors are just beautiful and I love the idea of adding detail to make blocking easier - such an easy way to facilitate blocking! It's a little too warm to me for this time of year - my house faces west and the solar gain is quite amazing but I'm a cool weather lover! At least the heating is off!

  3. All three are just beautiful! What a wonderful assortment to choose from when you need to add another layer for warmth.

  4. great tip for blocking ease! They are just gorgeous shawls

  5. Beautiful! I rather like really makes a difference:)

  6. What a beautiful trio of shawls! I didn't like garter shawls either until I discovered how to block them! I'm glad your weather is giving some pleasure for a change!