Tuesday, December 1, 2020

TNT: December!


I don't have too much to show stitching wise because I am still making masks. I should say I am re-making masks. I am putting plain white behind the kitty print this time around after that spot debacle. Daughter wants to gift a few of these so spots just won't do.

In two weeks I've gotten one 10 by 10 block done on the lawn. It sounds terrible until I remind myself that although it doesn't look like much that is 100 stitches under that bunny.

The Moira Blackburn sampler is done. It's still on the frame because there is some personalization I want to do on it.

What I wanted to work on is this but I didn't have the supplies. I made myself sit down and order them on Saturday. It wasn't cheap. It's a really big piece. 

In the meantime I've started my little Patchwork Hiver from Jardin Prive and I have to say I love it. If I'd have known how much I would like working on this I might have saved the money and not ordered the materials for the Christmas Quaker. I suppose it really doesn't matter. It's going to a long, cold winter and it won't hurt to have several different things to work on. 


  1. I can't wait to finish the socks and sweater I'm making for Christmas so I can get back to the Sheep Virtues. Something for someone else always seems to take precedence. I even think I have a place to hang it in the RV if we're still here when I finish it!
    All of your projects are just beautiful, but I'm in love with that Christmas Quaker. I don't think I would have the patience for it though. I think we'll be home for awhile if the forecasts for COVID cases are correct. I signed up for the phone notification if anyone I'm around is diagnosed with COVID. Since I rarely go out it shouldn't be a problem. Dennis is our weak link. His boss wants him to have lunch on Friday with someone who is flying in. That terrifies me. Flying? Lunch? There is no dining in here in Washington restaurants, so I don't know what that means. He tries so hard not to have close contact with anyone. We've done so well up to now. I wish he were already retired so we would be in control of who we are around.
    Take care Debbie.

  2. All of your stitching is so pretty. Congratulations on finishing the Moira B. sampler - that is so pretty. I look forward to seeing how you personalize it. I know a number of folks who have stitched the Christmas Quaker sampler and it is a beauty. Huge, but gorgeous! I think you will have fun with that.

  3. Supplies are already tight so it is good to stock up when you can! Great plans for projects!

  4. The Quaker Christmas Sampler is simply gorgeous! Thank you for telling me about using the headbands for ear loops. My masks are more comfortable to wear and don’t bother my hearing aids. I thank you every time I wear the masks.

  5. Jardin Prive patterns are always a pleasure to work on. I love them! Liana

  6. It fascinates me how you do your cross stitching by doing small blocks at a time. I've always done it one color at a time, within easy counting distance that is.