Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Tiny Needle Tuesday: Deja Vu


If you think you already read this post, you probably did. I accidentally posted the toilet paper tree post and my TNT post on the same day. Since it is so hard to come up with posting material these days I deleted this one and re-posted it for today. I was making excuses for not having much to show. I've been making masks like crazy for Daughter. The pile is now much bigger than this. 

I was also complaining about not being able to start my Christmas Quaker because while the floss is here, the fabric is backordered. Booo....

I had mentioned that I had finished only one more little block on the Winter Patchwork project. 

I also talked about digging out this years old project to finally start adding the beads. I dreaded doing it but it's actually more fun than I thought. He won't be done this year which isn't actually a big deal. He wouldn't look very good hanging on the toilet paper tree anyway. 


  1. Good for you in making so many masks. I have a feeling that even with the vaccine on the way we'll be wearing them for awhile.
    Your projects all look nice. That beaded one is going to be so sparkly. I'm looking forward to seeing it when you're done.

  2. That's a lot of masks! Nice job. I suddenly feel like I'm trying to do too much....

  3. As usual, you gave me my first chuckle of the day - wondering what kind of ornaments one would hang on a toilet paper tree sent my mind skittering off into strange and amusing thoughts! I've postponed my tiny needle work until - probably - after the new year. A bookmark for son's girlfriend was just going to be an extra gift and it can be sent as something to cheer her up after the holidays. And I can relax, do it and enjoy the process more.

  4. When a slump happens, it happens. Knit on your socks or a hat to hold you over!

  5. That’s a great stack of masks! The Governor finally issued a mask mandate, so I hope to see the community COVID numbers start to decrease. Every time I put on my mask with the comfy ear loops you recommended I say a prayer of thanks for your tip.

  6. I love that winter patchwork - so cute!

  7. Your TNT stitching is always amazing. Hope the backordered fabric comes in quickly.