Thursday, December 17, 2020

Rain, Rain.....


Pup pretty much summed up the mood yesterday. 

We spent the day by they window hoping to catch a glimpse of some snow. We didn't. It was just rain here. I hate when the weather people get us all excited about snow and then it doesn't happen. I was in a bad mood all day especially when all the family members just north of us kept sending me photos of their snow. 

Then for some reason TCM featured movies about snow all day so I shoved some boxes aside and had a seat on the couch and knit. 

It was so miserable out we didn't even get my birthday takeout. I made a small crockpot of bean soup instead.  It might not have been a winter wonderland outside but the house smelled warm and cozy all day. 

I should also mention that in the crowd of family December birthdays today is Number One Son's. 43 years ago I went to the hospital instead of going to the birthday party my parents were throwing for me and he was born soon after midnight. Best birthday present ever-even better than some snow. 


  1. Such a beautiful baby photo. I used the same type of gowns for all of our kids when they were babies. It made it so easy to change diapers, especially in the m iddle of the night!
    I'm glad you came to terms with the day. Snow isn't all it's cracked up to be!
    It's pouring down rain here right now too, melting all of the snow we got a few days ago. We'll probably have flooding by morning!

  2. Your snow will come-just a belated present! The pic of your newborn son looks like he was dressed just like mine-loved those night gowns! Glad you made the most of the day --and Pup, too!

  3. Happy birthday to your son! Your soup looks delicious. You are so far south I wouldn't think you would normally get snow anyway. We had snow, sleet and then more snow. It is cold (23) this a.m.

  4. We got some snow overnight, but no doubt it will be gone in a day or two. I really hope we get snow on Christmas - its really needed this year.

  5. We had snow but it's very heavy - not at all fun to shovel! I don't mind shoveling and we don't have too much to clear; OH can't help because of his bad knee.
    That bean soup looks pretty yummy! And that Pup looks pretty relaxed! Yea! for TMC!! I've lined up dvr'ing my favorite Christmas movies this week!

  6. I’d send snow for your birthday, but it would be liquid by the time it arrived. Hot soup and knitting were a good substitute to the white stuff.

  7. Oh How sweet is that baby in the crib! My sister anther firstborn share a birthday. My sister never liked that! Her daughter loved it. Snow please snow for you

  8. The white stuff is over rated! Happy Birthday to your son! sometimes animals come out of their shells where there is a loss.