Sunday, December 20, 2020

Holiday Snapshots


Santa on a firetruck. That's it. That's the post. We chased him around the beach last night to get a chance to say hello. It will probably be the highlight of a pretty dismal holiday. 

Oh, I almost forgot. There's one more....I spied this little tree next to the post office and thought it was a mess until I realized what it was. It's a tree that people hang warm things on. If you need something you take it. If you don't, you can contribute. The local produce shop did something like this last year with presents. You could wrap up a present and leave it and if you needed one you could take it.  How lovely. 


  1. I'm glad you got to say hi to Santa. Everyone should have that opportunity and I love the tree idea. There is a fence in town where people attach hats and mittens. There is a sign that says if you're cold, feel free to take something.
    It makes me feel like there really are good people out there. We just don't hear enough about them.

  2. Santa came around our area too. I wasn't fast enough to snap a photo. (You think I would have know what time since Steve is with the fire department. Oh well ... maybe next year.)

    The tree is such a good idea. In Jacksonville, knitters tied hats and scarves to the light poles downtown on cold nights. The knitwear had a tag that read, "If you are cold, take this". They always were gone the next morning. Most of the people in Florida don't have clothing to cope with really cold weather and that is especially true for the homeless population.

  3. The gift tree is a wonderful idea. I just love that people can be so thoughtful. Stay safe.

  4. That is amazing! Just so easy to do and what a wonderful gift!

  5. That is truly lovely. I have plenty I could contribute. I ll check if we have one here

  6. I love the taking tree.
    What a great idea!

  7. I LOVE Santa on the fire truck! It kills me that we've never lived in an area that does it but I have several friends and relatives he visits and I always try to see him at least once each season.
    Great little tree!

  8. I like that tree a lot! Fabulous idea.

    Santa came by here on the firetruck on the 12th.

  9. I think the community tree is a great idea!