Tuesday, December 15, 2020

TNT: Getting Stuff Done


The fabric for my Christmas Quaker is still not here but I did get 3 more little blocks done on the Winter Patchwork sampler this week. 

My Greenland Santa is getting his britches beaded. I got rid of the beading needle and am using my tiny hand quilting betweens. Things are going much better now. Those beading needles are a real pain to thread.

Speaking of quilting needles, this guy is getting the last edge of its binding sewn down today and then it goes in the wash. The Mister doesn't know it but he's getting it for Christmas. It wasn't planned that way but every time he sees this he starts whining for something colorful to wrap up in. You can't get more colorful than this.


  1. The Mister is one lucky duck! That quilt is gorgeous. Your stitching projects look good too. I've never tried beading a cross stitch but I've seen several vlogmas videos of people doing it this year. It must be getting very popular.

  2. I'm not into the beading - too tedious for moi, but your Greenland Santa sure is pretty. And your little patchwork piece is coming along nicely. I agree with Betsy - The Mister is very lucky - what a gorgeous quilt!

  3. Nice work on the cross stitching! The quilt going to your husband is a perfect solution!

  4. Such beautiful projects! I’ve never tried beaded cross-stitch but I agree about threading beading needles.

  5. Lovely stitches! The Mister is a lucky man!